Back in the BBFC

Ooh, it’s started, I knew it would. Features from the forthcoming Back To Earth DVD release have started showing up on the BBFC website. Nothing massively interesting just yet, but we’ll be keeping an eye on it over the coming weeks. If you lot spot any before us, post them in this thread!

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We’re getting a Doug commentary

Ah, @bobbyllew. What would we do without you? Thanks to Teatime’s interrogation, he’s let slip that Doug Naylor is recording a commentary for Back To Earth. In fact, he’s doing it RIGHT NOW. (Well, he was doing an hour ago, and the show’s quite long…)

We already knew there’d be a cast commentary too, of course, and they’re recording that today too. Here’s a picture to prove it. How can they look so young and beautiful in costume, and yet so old and haggard in their civvies?

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I opened it… you’ve got DVD!

Ah, this is more like it. None of that brand new episodes nonsense for us – what we want is carefully filtered details of forthcoming releases of things we’ve already seen, along with massive piles of information about the behind-the-scenes minutia. Luckily, today’s TOS update has delivered in spades…

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