G&T Needs YOU

Right. There is absolutely no way that us lowly G&T writers will be able to keep up with the masses of press coverage that Back To Earth will be getting today, tomorrow and over the weekend. Luckily, that’s not an issue – our beautiful and brilliant community (that’s you lot) are keeping us all up-to-date via the forum. Therefore, this post is just a wee set of links for all the great stuff you’re posting, but that we don’t have time to cover in full.

Keep up the good work, guys, and click “read more” for all the links.

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Off The Telly Premiere Report


Contains spoilers – depending on what you consider spoilers to be at this point. All in very general terms though, although it does contain Graham Kibble-White’s personal view of the episodes, including of the ending, so you might want to wait if you want to go into this with fewer preconceptions…

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The Berkeley Spoiler Hunt

Right, folks. In accordance with the spoiler rules in the above post, this is the thread for discussing new footage that may or may not arrive from the Berkeley Square event. If you read comments on this post, you have only yourself to blame if anything gets spoiled.

Go nuts.

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Spoiling in the Gutters?

Those of you of a comics persuasion may be aware of the weekly online news/rumour/gossip column Lying In The Gutters, written by noted comics journalist, upcoming Doctor Who comic writer and Seb Patrick lookalike Rich Johnston. Well, he’s mentioned Dwarf in this week’s column, and if his plot summary is correct, the cat’s out of the bag on what the Earth segments of the three-parter will entail. Pretty large (possible) spoilers in the link and after the jump.

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