You could call it a vlog

Ooh, Dave are doing a Red Dwarf special of their video podcast! Unfortunately, it’s just the old Youtube stuff all over again, right down to the “Kryton” typo and the “sneak peeks” at videos that are by now available in full. Bugger. And this after spending the best part of half an hour installing iTunes on a PC. Please, chaps at Dave, make your podcasts available to those of us who don’t use iTunes. KTHXBYE

Of much more interest, however, is a new cast blog – this time from Danny John-Jules

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Yeah, Judy Knows

Just a quick one – Robert Llewellyn will be appearing on Richard & Judy tomorrow, Wednesday 1st April, at 6:00pm. Dave has a new story about it here, which includes a picture of Kryten in his “holiday” get-up, which we first saw in the bunkroom pictures. He’s carrying a suitcase with a “I Heart The Broom Cupboard sticker, for some reason. Intriguing…

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