You’ve Been Krytered!

Cor, if we could just get Robert Llewellyn an account to post news updates here, we’d be MADE. Anyway, he’s posted the latest of his occasionally excellent Wet Liberal videos, featuring a bit of a mention of the recent filming, and the briefest of glimpses of a rather familiar face…

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DVD out on June 15th!

A show insider has emailed us to reveal the following exclusive news: the Back To Earth DVD will be released on June 15th – a mere two months after the last episode is broadcast. There are no details as to extras so far, other than the promise that there will be “in-depth bonus material guaranteed to inform and entertain”, much like the regular series releases. Excellent.

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Big Suze! Big Suze is here!

Well well well, Sophie Winkleman – best known for her role as Big Suze on Peep Showhas been cast in Back To Earth. No news yet on what sort of character she’s playing, other than that it is a “key role”. I’m sure the rumourmongers will all spunk themselves at the thought that she’s playing Kochanski, but I don’t think that’s terribly likely. We know bugger all else at this stage, other than that she’s been on set since the shoot started on Monday. Marvellous.

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New Pictures From The Street

Obviously the Dave news update wont be live until 12pm on Wednesday, but as we can’t absolutely guarantee any of us will be around in time to post up our usual placeholder (and, handily, the person responsible for updating the RSS feed is just a little too eager) we have the link here ready for you to F5 the shit out of in the vain hope they’ll publish a little early.

See you later.

EDIT: Ooh, it’s updated, I knew it would.

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