Beat The Twats!

To celebrate today’s launch of Grant Naylor Production’s Beat The Geek Ganymede & Titan are proud to present Beat The Twats, your chance to tackle 20 of our pedantic, pathetic questions and win REAL PRIZES.

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Geek Chase!

It’s Friday lunchtime, it’s TOS update time. OK, take it away, Andrew.

Norm’s Manchester dates? Covered. 2007 calendar? Short version: you can buy it in the shops now, but wait until next week and buy it from the Global Calendars site – you’ll get a free screensaver. Oh, and you can now download a new wallpaper of an unused design.

And the reason we rushed through all that? Because the main news this week is: Geek Chase.

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John’s Newsround – 26/9/06

I shall regret for the rest of my life saying there’ll be no more roundup-type-things. Forget my error in thinking that the best way to get a woman off was by seeing how many of my fingers I could get inside her – this is the real embarrassment. But onwards to what TOS updated with last Friday, and let’s try to forget my red face. And sticky fingers.

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DVD Roundup – 8/9/06

So, TOS announces today (that’s today! Not two weeks ago!) that Series III comes out in France on September 13th – new menus, re-mastered eps (particuarly pointless when it comes to Series III, but never mind – I’ve gone on about it long enough) and missing the odd extra like the commentaries and raw model footage. Presumably sales have held up despite Series 1’s “All his mates were French”.

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Merchandise Roundup – 5/9/06

A roundup of various bits of merchandise news we’ve missed since we’ve been away, then. Probably the last roundup we’ll ever do – with the new system, we’ll be able to keep you up-to-date on things as they happen. No more waiting for that invaluable link to a TOS article that you’ve already read.

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