Bodysnatcher doco preview!

No time for a tortured pun today, I’m far too excited about this. With many thanks to Michael Warren for pointing us towards this via our excellent Forum, there has been a thirty-second preview of It’s Cold Outside, the Series 2 documentary, posted as an advertisement on various pages of Empire Online! Now, considering that most sensible people will be browsing the internet on something other than Internet Explorer, they might not see adverts on websites. Which is why we’ve half-inched the clip for your downloading pleasure!

It’s Cold Outside Preview(30 secs, AVI file, DivX format)

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Gany Made in Titan

You see, because the box says “Made in Titan”, and we’re Ganymede and… oh, look, forget it.

Anyway, do you want to win a copy of Bodysnatcher? Of course you do. And you already can. But do you ALSO want to win a copy of Just the Smegs AND a weird funky headset thing worn by Ed Bye during the making of the Remastered episodes? You do? Well, aren’t we a greedy ungrateful bastard? Luckily, GNP, BBC Worldwide and Youtube are your friend.

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