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Red Dwarf is blessed with a good number of tie in books, both official and unofficial, but not quite *enough* to have any tension over which will be included or not included in a list such as this. As such, they're pretty much all here, but since it's been a while since we've talked about any of them in any great details we thought it would be worth taking stock of the pulped tree based tie-ins and sort out the good from the garbage. As always this is just my opinion and, to be perfectly honest, I've taken more than a few liberties with the ordering anyway so don't let it worry you too much.

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Look, everyone! Rob Grant's Fat! Alright, that's the last time we'll use that joke, we promise. But you have to admit, he's almost complicit in it with a title like that. Anyway, after a lengthy wait (although, to be honest, not as lengthy as some have made out - we're not exactly talking Duke Nukem Forever or Chinese Democracy, here), Rob's latest novel, Fat, is finally in shops. And after an almost as lengthy wait (fortuitous circumstances meant we were in a position to get a review of this book out for its release date; dire technical circumstances meant we failed to do so), the G&T verdict is here as well. So, what do we reckon?

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Forbidden Planet is delighted to announce a signing with Rob Grant. He will be signing his new book FAT (Gollancz - Special Offer Price £8.99) at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2 H 8JR on Saturday 6th January 1 - 2pm.

Marvellous! FP's own website, meanwhile, also tells us that he'll be in Bristol on Thursday 11th - although, annoyingly, it's between 2-4pm, so those of you with JOBS won't be able to make it. Which seems rather daft, really.

UPDATE : Word now reaches us from TOS that there's actually a full-blown tour in the works. Check out the dates over there - and note that in addition to the FP signing (where you'll queue for ages to see him for about thirty seconds), there's going to be a ticketed event at Waterstone's, presumably including a reading and/or a Q&A...

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