Attention Red Dwarf cast members!

It really isn’t that hard to figure out whether a shot is done using CGI or not.

I’ve managed to accept their INCOMPETENCE until now… but Craig saying that the CGI shot at the start of BITR2 “looks so much like a model” has pushed me over the edge.

I mean, Jesus Christ.

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Full Cast Reunion?

Ah, Groovetown. Sadly, it’s free of the purile humour that blights Ganymede & Titan, but there was an interesting post from a Doug (!) recently – the Dwarf cast are coming to Swindon for a VIII DVD signing. Ha ha, Swindon!

Most interestingly of all, this is a potential reunion of the entire cast: Chris, Craig, Robert, Danny, Norm, Hattie, and Mac. This was of course supposed to have happened at the last Memorabilia, but Craig and Mac couldn’t make it. Hopefully they’ll all make it to Swindon. Ha ha, Swindon!

Some interesting choices of words in that Swindon Advertiser article. Quite apart from the show apparently ending in 1998, Kryten is described as “a boggle-eyed mechanoid”. I mean, I know it’s tedious having to trot out the same character descriptions time and time again, but if you’re going to try something original, at least try and make it mean something. Oh, and here’s a clue: “paranoid android” is from another show. Maybe it’s just how they view him in Swindon. Ha ha, Swindon!

Anyway, It’s taking place on Thursday, 30th March between 4pm and 7pm, at Infinitely Better in the Brunel Centre. In Swindon. Ha ha, Swindon!

Excellently, Yvonne Craig is appearing at the store the week before on March 23rd. As she was the first person I ever TOSSED OFF to (need Batman Series 3 on DVD NOW), I’m half tempted to pop along a week early. I probably won’t inform her of my younger self’s doings, though. I don’t think I could get away with that, not even in Swindon. Ha ha, Swindon!

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The Cast That Might Have Been

Doug Naylor has always insisted that Red Dwarf: The Movie has the original cast. Although this has held up production, surely he is right. Imagine Ben Stiller as Rimmer. (It’s the sort of thing which could have happened – at one point Jim Carrey was being considered for Zaphod Beeblebrox). Fans find the idea of […]

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