All The Just The Results

Well, if I could just beg your indulgence for a few seconds more, sirs, the old 345 takes a little time to warm up. Still, it out-performs the 346 in 8 out of 9 bench tests. A small wonder, then, that it secured “G&T Results Counter of the Year, Best Budget Model” three years running. Now here are the results… and the scores are… in!

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Fabulous Boxset to be Won

Well, it’s that time of year again (well… ish), and that means it is time to win something free by partaking in one our jolly competitions. In 2006 we gave you a quiz, in 2007 we gave you a picture competition so, in 2008, we have merged the two in what we hope will be an interesting and challenging contest.

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Gany Made in Titan

You see, because the box says “Made in Titan”, and we’re Ganymede and… oh, look, forget it.

Anyway, do you want to win a copy of Bodysnatcher? Of course you do. And you already can. But do you ALSO want to win a copy of Just the Smegs AND a weird funky headset thing worn by Ed Bye during the making of the Remastered episodes? You do? Well, aren’t we a greedy ungrateful bastard? Luckily, GNP, BBC Worldwide and Youtube are your friend.

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Beat The Twats now closed

Yes, that’s it. Time’s up, put down your pens, for Beat The Twats – Ganymede & Titan’s quite frankly downright epic Red Dwarf quiz – is now over.

“But how did I do?”

“How did you do, Mister Patrick, sir!”

Well, first of all, we’ll take a look at the answers…

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Beat The Twats!

To celebrate today’s launch of Grant Naylor Production’s Beat The Geek Ganymede & Titan are proud to present Beat The Twats, your chance to tackle 20 of our pedantic, pathetic questions and win REAL PRIZES.

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