Well, there really is quite a bit to take in here. The official social media accounts have all, in one way or another, revealed the Dave *broadcast* date for Twentica to be Thursday, 22nd September at 9pm, placing it roughly around the same time as most people’s best guesses. We are all certainly very pleased that UKTV were considerate enough to fit things into our Series X DwarfCast schedule so neatly. This will presumably put Series XI among the illustrious company of 31 previous episodes to premiere on a Thursday. Wednesday remains as the only day of the week to not hold that particular honour. Continue reading

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During the current break in production between Red Dwarf XI and XII, now seems the perfect time to talk about something very specific to the Dave era of Red Dwarf. Oddly enough, it's something we haven't really discussed in any great depth here on Ganymede & Titan, although we did touch on it briefly in our commentary on Gunmen.

Firstly, for some context, let's go back to how the BBC-era shows are presented on Dave. And for all my whinging about Red Dwarf repeats, there is one particular joy I have in watching Red Dwarf on a commercial channel - one which you might think of as merely a pain in the ass. And that is: the commercials themselves. Or, more specifically, the placing of those commercial breaks.

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There have been recent rumblings about an exciting Red Dwarf related competition taking place on Twitter tomorrow. But now, with this Facebook post, Dave have let slip about the prize…

Always dreamed of appearing in Red Dwarf? Now you can.

Head over to our Twitter page: https://twitter.com/Join_Dave tomorrow at 10am for a once in a lifetime competition!

That pretty much says it all, but in presumably related news, UKTV are hosting a press event on Tuesday morning, and a G&T representative will be there in case there’s anything Dwarfy to report. So keep an eye on our Twitter feed as well as theirs – we’ll bring you all the news if there is any. And if there isn’t, we’ll just tweet about how annoyed we are, so it’ll be entertaining either way.

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It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned next year’s Dimension Jump (in fact, I can’t be fully certain we’ve covered it at all since it was announced, which is our bad) but this week there’s been a veritable flurry of guests being announced (well, two) one of whom is everyone’s ex-Priory resident, Craig Charles.

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Yes, alright, well, YOU try coming up with a headline for this news. Anyway, congratulations are in order for Mr Robert Llewellyn, who has single-handedly proven the axiom that nowadays the best way to get original content off the ground is to do it yourself, stick it online and wait for a broadcaster who's looking for a proven success to jump onboard with rather than taking chances on something risky in this difficult economic climate. By which I mean, Dave have decided to turn Bobby's web-based interview series (seems weird seeing it described as a "chat show", doesn't it? But then, I suppose that's what it is) Carpool into an actual proper TV series. It'll be sponsored by Toyota, whose Prius is (as if you didn't know) the car Bobby uses to give his guests lifts - and if Dave have any sense, they'll basically retain the existing format to the letter and simply tart up the graphics and sound quality a little bit.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're just going to give Dave a ring ourselves to see if they're interested in doing an animated version of Dwarfcasts.

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Dimension Jump attendees have just been the first to be informed - by Doug Naylor, via email passed on by Andrew Ellard - that Dave have commissioned six new episodes of Red Dwarf for broadcast in late 2010.

Also, it's been hinted that (a) there may actually end up being more than six, depending on budget; and (b) it'll probably have a studio audience.

More to follow.

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