Craig Charles confirmed for DJXVII and other assorted goodness featured image

It’s been a while since we’ve mentioned next year’s Dimension Jump (in fact, I can’t be fully certain we’ve covered it at all since it was announced, which is our bad) but this week there’s been a veritable flurry of guests being announced (well, two) one of whom is everyone’s ex-Priory resident, Craig Charles.

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With our reports having long ago turned to podcasts, it seems right that we draw attention to TOS's written efforts, for those who really can't stand the idea of listening to an hour and a half of whining - or, even more annoying, an hour and a half of shrieking excitement.

So, I suggest you go and read what has spurted from the excellent Rich Lawden immediately. Just try to ignore things like this. Or worse, this.

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Unbelievable. We may have been hit by the loss of Robert Llewellyn (although he'll still be doing a Q&A via Skype), but this year's Dimension Jump has just gained a massive, massive guest star. It's been a long time coming, but finally, after years of hoping, begging and dreaming, we're finally going to meet the man himself.

Yes, folks - Steven Wickham is coming to DJ.

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