Dimension Jump guests, anyone?

It barely seems any time since last year’s most excellent DJ and now things are ramping up for XVI, which will be held once again at Birmingham City Centre Holiday Inn, from the 23rd to the 25th of July. So, you want confirmed guests? Well, you’ve got them so quit whining.

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Dimension Jump attendees have just been the first to be informed – by Doug Naylor, via email passed on by Andrew Ellard – that Dave have commissioned six new episodes of Red Dwarf for broadcast in late 2010.

Also, it’s been hinted that (a) there may actually end up being more than six, depending on budget; and (b) it’ll probably have a studio audience.

More to follow.

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Might As Well (Dimension) Jump

Many of you never thought you’d see it happen, but that time is here again – Dimension Jump XV is go in a matter of hours. Taking place at the Holiday Inn in Birmingham city centre, it’s looking like being the biggest DJ since the fabled Liverpool event of 1998. So we hope you’re on your way to Brum RIGHT NOW (or, y’know, when you finish work or whatever). Team G&T will be out in full force, so if you see us, come and say hi – if you’re a regular commenter then that goes without saying, but we’d be chuffed and smug if any readers we don’t usually speak to also came and had a chat with us. We like to pretend we’re famous. We’ll have stickers, and everything.

We’ll also be Twittering the fuck out of the weekend over at @ganymedetitan, and feel free to join us on the hashtag #DJXV. We may even have a few LIVE UPDATEY kind of surprises on the site for those who can’t make it – so stay tuned…

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Richard O’Callrahahallaghan

TORDFC have announced that a new guest for DJXV – Mr. Hoagie The Roguey himself, Richard O’Callaghan! Richard is no stranger to the Fan Club team, having run past most of them during the recording of Back To Earth Part Three. Here’s hoping that this meeting will not end in random gunfire being unleashed into the crowd.

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