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This time last year, we were cautiously optimistic that 2021 might just be a bit better than 2020 for the world at large, but reflected on what was a bumper year for Red Dwarf content. As it transpired, it didn't feel like a particularly vintage year in the end, and in Dwarf terms it was something of annus horribilis for the small rouge one. There were however some highlights along the way, and also a hell of a lot of G&T content to hopefully provide a small distraction from the continuing downfall of humanity, and so let us take our customary look back on the last twelve months, once again sorted topic-by-topic.

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For the first time in far, far too long, a small army of Red Dwarf fans laid siege to the Nottingham Crown Plaza last weekend. We called it Dimension Jump XXI, and the last survivors converged on Sunday night to see what they could remember under the glare of our microphone. So join Ian Symes, Fan Club team members Andy Holland, Dan "Pendo" Pendleton and Shelley Smith, plus attendees Dave Billingsley, Si Bromley, Stephen Fletcher, Peter Jones and Jo Sharples as we run through such diverse topics as Lee Cornes meeting his alter ego, Doug Naylor's plans for future projects both?Dwarf and not-quite-Dwarf, Danny John-Jules's reworked lyrics to Tongue Tied, touching tributes, scandalous cheating and taking Johnny Vegas to bed.

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You join us live from Sunday lunchtime at Dimension Jump XXI, and as the cockroaches have finally finished their incessant shuffling, we're able to bring you an update on what happened last night. For the first time in a long time, Doug Naylor is not attending in person, which we presume is due to, you know, all that stuff. Nevertheless, he sent in a video message which was played betwixt costume competition and auction as part of the Saturday night entertainment, and it was both extremely positive and surprising in its content. With thanks to Si Bromley for sneakily filming it on his phone, here's a full transcript of what was said:

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At the third time of asking, Dimension Jump 20201 is finally here! The twenty-first Official Red Dwarf Fan Club convention today returns after an enforced absence to the Nottingham Crown Plaza for the fourth consecutive event, and it will feel all the more special after the long, long wait since October 2018. It will be a slightly unusual occasion in many ways. Twice postponed due to Covid, for many attendees this will be their biggest social gathering for some time; there’s bound to be mixed feelings along the way, but let’s hope the abiding memory will be the extremely happy one we’re accustomed to from past experience.

On a personal note, it’ll be the first DJ since 2007 that none of the current G&T staff are working at, and thus all the offers of drinks and chats that we’ve been too busy to accept over the previous six events can finally be cashed in. Two of our trio are giving it a miss, still suffering from PTSD from their time on the team, but one brave reporter is prepared to throw himself back into the fray for you, so we’ll be reporting on events as best we can over on Twitter – handle is @ganymedetitan, as you should know by now after twelve yeeeeears.

And we’ll be joined by Danny John-Jules, Hattie Hayridge, Norman Lovett, Rob Grant, Paul Jackson, Ray Fearon, Lee Cornes, Ian Boldsworth, Matthew Clark, Chris Barrie and Robert Llewellyn (those last two via Zoom), along with a super secret mystery guest which isn’t at all obvious from the silhouette and caption. See you back here next week for the traditional post-DJ DwarfCast.