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I recently discovered a very interesting blog called VHiStory. This chap, Jim Lynn, has got an archive of around 3000 video tapes in his garage, and he's currently in the process of digitising and cataloguing each one, blogging his discoveries in precise detail as he goes. I quickly lost the best part of two days reading every single post, but that's not important right now. In amongst the archives, I spotted that Jim had taped the original broadcasts of Red Dwarf series one, around 26 years ago. I immediately got in touch to point out that if he happened to have captured the original idents and continuity announcements, he may have inadvertently struck nerd gold.

Skip ahead a day or so, and Jim has only gone and put the buggers on Youtube.

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Doctor Who and Red Dwarf mashups are nothing new, nor are they that surprising - there's a lot of crossover between the fandoms (as evidenced by our forum) and ever since the revived series began we've been pointing out "amusing" connections, be they casting coincidences, dialogue similarities or simply just us taking the piss. And there are a slew of videos on Youtube that consist of people setting Who clips to the Dwarf opening theme. Most of them aren't very good.

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I can't believe we ever missed this one back on Observation Dome, but - better late than never :

THE DOCTOR : I don't know about Hitler, but you sure scare the hell out of me!

RIMMER : Well, I don't know about the enemy, but you certainly scare the hell out of me!

I promise that at some point I really will post some content on G&T that doesn't consist of pretending that Everything In The History Of Culture has ripped off Red Dwarf at some point or another...

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