Now You See It…

UPDATED! See the comments for further info! Anyone heard of the rumour that the TARDIS appears in Red Dwarf? Yes? No? Maybe? Want to know if it’s true? Read on… There was a little known rumour that a Mike Tucker hid a little scale model of Doctor Who‘s TARDIS into one of the Starbug hangar […]

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Doctor Dwarf and the Incredible Comeback

I can’t believe we ever missed this one back on Observation Dome, but – better late than never :

THE DOCTOR : I don’t know about Hitler, but you sure scare the hell out of me!

RIMMER : Well, I don’t know about the enemy, but you certainly scare the hell out of me!

I promise that at some point I really will post some content on G&T that doesn’t consist of pretending that Everything In The History Of Culture has ripped off Red Dwarf at some point or another…

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Totally Tucker

Hurrah! Mike Tucker, Peter Tyler (not Rose’s dad), Nick Kool and Nick Brennan have just been on Totally Doctor Who! Nice little feature on the block of flats being blown up in The Christmas Invasion. For some bizarre reason, they credited Peter Tyler as ‘Mark Holt’. Stupid sods.

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