It's unfortunate that Observation Dome has only just surfaced from an extended period of sporadic technical hitches, but now that we're back in a more permanent way, I'd like to remind you all of the existence of DwarfWiki. I’ve been slowly but surely building up and organising various sections over the past few months and I reckon it’s at a point now where people can really jump in there and get totally stuck in. For example, every episode now has a list of its credits, so every single credited member of cast and crew potentially have their own page. Do you know anything about some forgotten person who operated light rigs during The Inquisitor? Perfect! Get it written down and give these unseen individuals some content.

Also, I can see great potential for the Red Dwarf Universe and Fandom sections of the Wiki. For a start, any of you fansite owners out there (active or dead) then get in there and edit your site’s page, or - if you’re not listen there - make yourself known!

There’s a shed load to be done and I’m eager for people to continue the excellent start we saw a few months ago when it launched so we can all turn this into a quite staggering database of Dwarf we can all be proud of. Just take a look at LostPedia for a good example of what level of detail we could attain.

Wiki away, Dwarfers.

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DwarfWiki! I like that name.

Anyway, it may look like a way of us ODers (HA HA LIKE SOME DRUGS) getting others to do our work. And it may look like a way of making sure we never have to finish G&T's rather sad-looking Episodes section. This is because both of these are exactly the case. But there is a wider purpose - I mean, just imagine what it could turn into. Wouldn't it be fantastic?

For those of you who don't know what a Wiki is - it's a set of webpages, but ones that anyone can edit. There's not much on there at the moment beyond the basic structure (and a few of our pet shows) - so find an episode or topic you like, and get stuck in writing or adding to the damn thing.

Unlike some other sites on the net, we never try and blackmail you into making financial contributions (erm, but then, with a grand total of seven minor updates in November, we'd find it hard to anyway) - but I'd really appreciate you having a crack at a few things on the Wiki if you find the time. And can spell "the".

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