Let’s Talk About The Extras (on iTunes / Play Store)

Well, we were hoping to have the weekend off. But because the staggered, disjointed manner in which we all watched Series XI was so much fun, the extra features on the forthcoming Red Dwarf XI DVD/Bluray have been quietly and unexpectedly released on iTunes and Play Store. The extras were seemingly made available overnight to anyone who bought a series pass on either platform. Alternatively, the main documentary is available to buy on its own, while the deleted scenes and smeg ups are series pass only. The visual effects, model shots and image gallery are not available, but the trailers are there – for free on Play Store, but at the price of £2.49 on iTunes. Insert joke about Apple products being a rip-off here.

So, this was certainly a surprise. I assumed at first that this was a Krysis-esque fuck-up where things had gone live before they were meant to, what with the lack of any official notification, and the fact that we’re still a fortnight away from the physical release of this stuff in the UK. But the fact that it’s on both of these platforms makes me think otherwise. If this was a mistake, it’s pretty bloody amateurish. If it’s not a mistake, it’s also pretty bloody amateurish. Much like the way the release of the episodes themselves were handled, this is all a big mess.

So yeah, we at G&T are going to have to figure out between us how and when we start reviewing and discussing this stuff, but in the meantime… I dunno, use this thread for whatever. It seems that while the makers of the programme care about how its presented to the public, those in charge of its distribution do not give a solitary shit, so why should we?

UPDATE (30/10/16): They’ve disappeared from iTunes. The downloads will still play for those who grabbed them yesterday, but you can no longer buy them. It’s all still there on Google Play, though – if those disappear soon too, we’ll know the whole thing was a cock-up. Still, some sort of communication from an official channel would be nice, eh?

Future Extras Redux

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Food Featurette

Another disc, another musical featurette. This one, included on the Series III DVD, is set to I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown, a song which is familiar to everyone in the Western World, apart from John Hoare. Nobody is ever going to agree on these extras – you either love them, hate them or are indifferent to them.

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Series I Deleted Scenes

The deleted scenes from Series I are mostly rubbish. Let’s just sort that out straight away. But that doesn’t stop them from being absolutely fascinating. This document is a complete guide to all the scenes that were cut or trimmed from the first series, with an explanation, transcript and notes. For some scenes, the deleted […]

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Cast Commentary Corrections

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Alternate Personalities Featurette

The Series II DVD contained a featurette that was very similar to the Drunk featurette on the Series I DVD. This new featurette was much more pleasant than the last one, due to it actually being set to a good song – Little Green Bag by The George Baker Selection. However, while you cannot deny […]

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Drunk Featurette

When the Series I DVD was released all those weeks ago, nothing divided the fans opinions as much as the Drunk featurette. While some admired the slick editing and well-timed pace of the piece, others thought it did not reflect their idea of the humour in Red Dwarf. The idea that Red Dwarf is all […]

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Future Extras

Ever since the DVDs were announced, hardly a day goes by without us speculating about what extras we’ll be seeing on future releases. This document is a collection of our thoughts and hopes so far, as well as an evaluation of whether we got what we wanted on the discs released since the article was […]

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