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Hanging around on a deep, dark, unloved corner of the internet is an old version of Ganymede & Titan. The reasons for this are long and complex, but essentially amount to laziness: during one of our relaunches many years ago, we didn't move all of our stuff over to the new version of the site. We thought until we did, the least we could do would be to leave all that stuff online.

We never did get round to moving it, of course, which means you can insert a certain Mickey Mouse operation quote here at your leisure. But clicking around on that old version of the site can be fun, especially for old-time G&T visitors. And one page in particular fascinates me: our links page, last updated in mid-2004. It's an interesting snapshot of online Red Dwarf fandom at the time; a list of the sites we thought were important back then.

12 years later, how many of them are even still online, let alone important? I thought it'd be fun to go through the list and take a look at the fate of that slice of Dwarf fandom. And dare I say that it might shed a bit of light on the development of the web over the past decade? Tune in at the end to see whether I manage to tie that one up at all convincingly.

So, let's start with...

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After eight years of downtime, Friend of G&T Mick Hayes has relaunched the Red Dwarf search engine Smegoo!, ready to serve literally all of your Red Dwarf searching needs.

What with me being an Internetless prick pre-1999 I don't remember the original incarnation of the engine (masterminded by Mick and Jeoff Forbes and shown in all its glory here, through the site's DwarfWiki entry), but it seems this relaunch is very, very impressive indeed.

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