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Fathers & Suns could have been a classic episode of Red Dwarf. It's got two intriguing, interweaving plots that bring with them danger, pathos and a whole bunch of quality comedy. There's a superb guest performance, exciting levels of peril, and there's one stand-out scene that embodies everything that made us fall in love with this programme in the first place. However, there's also a few unnecessary and excruciating elements, featuring some of the worst guest performances we've seen for some time, that drag the episode down and leave me struggling to fully fall in love with an otherwise extremely enjoyable show. These two extremes of quality make for a complex and confusing episode, that will take quite a lot of words to summarise...

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Ladies and gentlemen, it's the non-live version of our second live Dwarfcast, our instant reaction to Fathers & Suns. Ian Symes, Jonathan Capps, Danny Stephenson and the Fan Club's Jo Sharples convene to talk about the daddy discipline, predictive Pree and Taiwan Tony, for a very long time. We're ably assisted by some of the least rubbish G&T commenters - Alex Newsome, Kris Carter and Rich 'p2p' Lawden - via Skype, and we've also got a fantastic interview with Pree herself, Rebecca Blackstone. All this, plus exclusive news about next year's Dimension Jump, a preview of next week's episode, and a final ten seconds that are probably the best thing this site has ever achieved.

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Week two of Red Dwarf X‘s assault on digital broadcasting. Please use this post as a repository for all your musings on deadly computers, trucknapping and bits of poppadom. We’ll be reading a selection of comments from this thread during tonight’s LIVE Dwarfcast, which will start at 10pm. We’ll be posting a link right here, and also on Twitter. This time last week, G&T was struggling to cope with the legions of Dwarf fans flooding the internet; hopefully, things won’t be so bad this week, but it’s worth following @ganymedetitan on Twitter, to make sure you get the link to the live Dwarfcast and have somewhere to aim your mad thoughts.

It’s well worth listening in, because we’ve got an exclusive interview with Rebecca Blackstone, who plays Pree in tonight’s episode. She’s very friendly, very excitable and very interesting, so make sure you join us tonight at 10pm to make that extra-special ‘new Red Dwarf‘ feeling last a little longer.

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Good old Orange Mark is at it again, this time giving us a peek at the guest characters for episode 2Fathers and Suns.  No new pictures have been released this time, but obviously the information I’m about to discuss could be considered spoilery by some, so you’ve been warned.  Also, our usual spoiler policy for all the smug cunts who were at the recording applies as always.

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