DwarfCast 75 – Lemons Commentary

Our countdown to the launch of Series XI – whichever of the two launch dates you choose to acknowledge – continues as we present our commentary for the third episode of Series X, Lemons. Recorded a few weeks after the last two commentaries, join Jonathan Capps, John Hoare, Tanya Jones, Ian Symes and TORDFC’s Jo Sharples as we propose an alternative ending to the Shakespeare running gag, have a remarkably prescient discussion about the option to watch Red Dwarf on UKTV Play (despite recording this in May), debate the canonical status of Still Open All Hours, speculate about Doug Naylor’s arse, and attempt to establish whether or not Jesus Christ really existed. Let’s see if this room full of atheists can sort out that thorny problem once and for all.

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High & Low: Series X Scenes

It was exactly two years ago today that Red Dwarf X burst onto our screens, heralding a brand new era of regular new series, sensible production schedules, and crystal clear communication with the fans as to the show’s future. In a change to your scheduled programming, High & Low looks back on the very best and very worst Series X Scenes. By sheer coincidence, all six episodes have at least one representative in the top ten, although the same even spread does not apply for the bottom five, with one episode taking up 60% of those spaces. What episode could that possibly be? Bearing the usual “only this writer’s opinion, not that of G&T as a whole” caveat in mind, read on to find out…

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You Have Been Watching… Part 1

Just in case you’ve forgotten, Red Dwarf is set three millions years into the deepest of deep space, in a lonely, alienless Universe, well past the natural life span of the now distant human race. Despite this, and as early as series 1, we’ve always had our fill of guest stars, from artificial intelligences, to human created GELF monstrosities and haughty and / or insane holograms. The apparently narrow scope for guest characters has never been a problem.

Series X is now over and done with and every single episode featured at least one guest character of some description. They’ve all combined to make for a unique series, with encounters of the like we’ve never before, as well as ones expanding on past stories. So join me now, if you will, as I trawl through every single guest character, get to know the actor a little better (search for them on IMDb), assess them (needlessly and overtly infuse the piece with my own opinions) and finally try to work out which ones, if any, we are likely to see again come a potential Red Dwarf XI.

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DwarfCast 44 – Series X Semi Retrospective Byte One

Join the full Ganymede & Titan team – Jonathan Capps, John Hoare, Tanya Jones, Daniel Stephenson and Ian Symes – for a journey way way back into the past, as we attempt to take a retrospective look at Red Dwarf X, recorded about a week and a half after the series finished. Byte One of this beast contains our thoughts on Trojan, Fathers & Suns and Lemons, revised and updated since the Live Instant Reactions, with the benefit of repeated viewings, insights from the DVD documentary, and several weeks’ worth of arguments on G&T.

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Red Dwarf X: Lemons Review

Last year, I wrote this little piece on audience sitcom and ambition. About how too much audience sitcom these days doesn’t look much further in terms of setting than a house, or office; and how much more it could be with a bit of imagination.

That article was based on an old set of emails I wrote, a long time ago – but I must admit, when I finally got round to writing that article, I knew Red Dwarf X was coming, and I knew it would be shot in front of an audience. I wanted the show to prove that audience sitcom could still move beyond french windows and a sofa – and I wanted to write a follow-up piece pointing out exactly what I was driving at.

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DwarfCast 38 – Lemons: Instant Reaction

The power of the Geordie Jesus compels you to download Dwarfcast 38: our instant reaction to Series X Episode 3, Lemons. It’s exactly the same as the version we broadcast live – mistakes and all – but with vastly improved sound quality. For the first time this series, Tanya Jones joins her fellow G&Ters Ian Symes, Jonathan Capps and Danny Stephenson, along with the Fan Club’s Jo Sharples. We’re also joined for sporadic periods by Curtis Threadgold, Carrie n’ Kiran Parsons and Peter Martin, along with a shedload of your comments. It’s worth reiterating the standard disclaimer that these Dwarfcasts only aim to capture our initial gut reactions, and we’ll probably all say things that we no longer agree with in the days, weeks and months to come.

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Let’s Talk About Lemons

Jesus Christ, it’s new Red Dwarf night! Series X Episode 3, Lemons, premieres on Dave and Dave HD, tonight at 9:oopm. Please splatter this thread with your reactions and opinions. We’ll be selecting some choice ones to read out on tonight’s LIVE instant reaction Dwarfcast. The show will start at 10:00pm, and the link will appear right here, and on our Twitter page, just after the episode finishes on Dave. It’s well worth following us on there, just in case our server decides to fall over again.

While you’re waiting for Christ to appear, why not have another read of our set report from the audience recording night. And if that’s not enough, why not listen to the neckbearded tones of our very own Jonathan Capps, polluting the Red Dwarf Introcast’s analysis of Backwards? Do both of these things, then report back here immediately after Lemons. DO IT.