DwarfCast 79 – Live Twentica Reaction

Message incoming: G&T are back with their first live DwarfCast in nearly four years. Consequently there’s a bit of rustiness, and an inexplicable moment where the host gets the name of his star guest wrong even though he’s reading from a script, but there’s also a tremendous amount of laughs, breaking news and searing insight, as Jonathan Capps, Danny Stephenson and Ian Symes are joined by guests Alex Newsome, Joey Newsome, Tom Pyott and Jo Sharples to discuss all things Twentica.

As well as the biggest and smallest talking points from the episode, we also cover the fan screening event, first impressions of Red Dwarf XI: The Game, some preliminary spoiler-free previewing of Samsara and to cap it all. an exclusive interview with Big Bang Beryl herself Rebecca Blackstone, presented for the first time at an audible level.

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Lady Manners School Orchestra perform the Red Dwarf Space Suite

This is brilliant.

The children of Lady Manners School in Bakewell, possibly at the whim of an heroic music teacher called Mr Steadman, perform a ten minute medley of Red Dwarf music, taking in various versions of the theme tune, Tongue Tied, Rimmer Munchkin Song and Ace Rimmer Theme. And it’s superb. Quite possibly the second best video ever to be recorded in a school sports hall.

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