Massive Speed Launch Date

Just a quickie for you – I’ve contacted the Discovery Channel, and Chris Barrie’s Massive Speed is due to start on Discovery “weekdays from the 4th December at 20.30”. Massive Engines was shown daily, wheras Massive Machines was shown weekly; looks like this series is going back to the daily route for its first showing.

That is all. Richard Hammond joke not included.

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John’s Newsround – 26/9/06

I shall regret for the rest of my life saying there’ll be no more roundup-type-things. Forget my error in thinking that the best way to get a woman off was by seeing how many of my fingers I could get inside her – this is the real embarrassment. But onwards to what TOS updated with last Friday, and let’s try to forget my red face. And sticky fingers.

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Chris Barrie’s Massive Engines

Well, thanks to this series, I’ve discovered that the Discovery Channel is really rather splendid. As well as Mr Barrie and his engines, you also have Mark Williams with his trains, and Rory McGrath with his gruesome tales of just how hard life could be back in the old days. It’s well worth an hour […]

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