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It's 10pm, polls are closing across the country and G&T are now projecting that the next DwarfCast will be... Mechocracy! And in the tradition of all good election coverage, we will now force you to listen to some terrible people talk about the results for longer than is strictly necessary, specifically the Right Honourable Cunts of the Scottish NatIanal, Liberal Dannycrats and The Labour & Cappsoperative parties.

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DwarfCast 102 - Series XII Retrospective Byte Two featured image
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Following last week's celebration of Series XII's second anniversary, we're back to celebrate Series XII's second second anniversary, with what's possibly the happiest and most overall positive DwarfCast we've ever done on the subject of Dave-era Red Dwarf. It's Byte Two of our series retrospective, with John Hoare, Tanya Jones, Danny Stephenson and Ian Symes returning to ruminate on Mechocracy, M-Corp and Skipper, as well as assessing the series, and indeed the XI and XII production block, as a whole.

Along the way we discuss alternative pronunciations of "Mechocracy", how episodes of Red Dwarf are in fact cobbled together from CCTV footage, invisible dildos, the logistics of owning planets, why Mr Rat is a fried egg chilli chutney sandwich face, and alternative pronunciations of the word "grimace". Because this was recorded several months ago, there's also speculation that Skipper might be the last ever episode of Red Dwarf, which seems increasingly less likely after the events of the last few days, but never mind.

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Hello there, Dave viewers. I must apologise – I’ve already used up all my politics/election based metaphors during our Play-paced coverage. The good news is that you’ve got a brand new episode on your way tonight at 9pm on Dave. Do use this post for any thoughts this event inspires, and the same goes for all you UKTV Play viewers who want to make any last-minute points before the next ep – just do be mindful of what you’re giving away prior to broadcast.

After you’ve watched the episode, you can study the results of our various exit polls: the Play-paced discussion thread, last Friday’s Live Instant Reaction DwarfCast, and Cappsy’s in-depth written review. Oh look, I did have one election joke left after all. Meanwhile, M-Corp is due to be released on UKTV Play at around 10:20pm, and our discussion thread for that will be here after Mechocracy has aired on Dave.

Red Dwarf XII: Mechocracy Review featured image

Despite drawing on so much from the show's past, Mechocracy feels like a very different sort of episode. It ends up in a ridiculous place in a way that I might not've been so receptive of had this been part of a hypothetical series IX in 2000. But as it happens, this represents the most sheer fun I've had watching the show in a while, and a great example of how to fold in references from the show's past.

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DwarfCast 93 - Live Mechocracy Instant Reaction featured image
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Dust off your rosettes and buff up your ballot box, it's time for the strong and stable podcast that caters for the few, not the many. Mechocracy is this week's political hot potato, but G&T failed to return a majority, so John Hoare and Ian Symes entered into a coalition of chaos with Joey Newsome and Carrie Parsons of the Fan Club, and independent member Curtis Threadgold.

Topics on the agenda include manipulative mopping, surprise re-appearances, how many times Rimmer has killed himself, smear campaigns, the women of Doncaster, and how many letters there are in the names of various colours. We also find time to squeeze in Some News, look ahead to M-Corp and end on an impromptu examination on how the Dave era is perceived.

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Praise be, Timewave has now aired on Dave, which means we can try to heal the pain with a brand new episode, namely The One Where Everyone Gets An Election. Continuing the now finally established pattern, we can expect to see Mechocracy appear on UKTV Play within five minutes or so of 10:20pm. Or, if you’re reading this in the future, it’s already here:


We really hope that the comments below are a lot jollier than they were this time last week, and the same goes for tomorrow’s LIVE Instant Reaction DwarfCast. Do join us and our guests at 9pm on Friday; the link will appear on here, on our Twitter feed and our Spreaker page at 8:40pm.

It’s Wednesday, and that can only mean one thing – time for a preview of what is technically next Thursday’s episode of Red Dwarf XII:

I’ve not watched this, but judging from the title and the thumbnail, we’re in for a whole new shade in Red Dwarf’s “alert” system, and a return to the science room set for the first time this series. Our coverage of Mechocracy will commence as soon as Timewave has appeared on Dave.