Former Models: Visiting BBC Visual Effects, 1997

Here’s a lovely thing. Reader Jon Kearey recently got in touch to tell us about his visit to the BBC Visual Effects workshop in late 1997. Jon was doing on a project on Red Dwarf‘s model and effects work for his Design A-Level, and was invited along to take a look by the late, great Peter Wragg. This would have been at the time when the team were working on models for Re-Mastered, which would turn out to be their last major contribution to Red Dwarf for the best part of twenty years, by which time they’d gone freelance and set up The Model Unit.

On his visit, Jon was fortunate enough to meet Mike Tucker and Alan “Rocky” Marshall, who showed him not only their collection of Red Dwarf models and props from across the years, but also their work-in-progress new builds of Red Dwarf and Blue Midget for Re-Mastered. And he was allowed to take photos. Our deepest gratitude to Jon for sharing those photos with us, so that we could share them with you.

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RDX trailer INCOMING. Also, some other things.

Now, let me begin by saying that it can’t have escaped anyone’s attention that things have been getting rather quiet around here of late. It’s no secret that updates are thin on the ground and we’re relying on the Forum to break important news. So, I’ve decided, if it’s all right with you, to appoint myself update officer and set myself the task of doing a bit of an old round-up. Any objections? Well, tough.

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