UPDATE (08/09/2016): More merchandise details announced!

There are now just fifteen days to go until Red Dwarf XI starts on Dave, and a mere eight days until it premieres online. As we put the finishing touches to our plan of how to deal with all this (there's a spreadsheet, with upwards of four pages), there are enough small pieces of news knocking about to warrant dusting off this old strand, for the first time in four years. The snippets of new information are coming quicker than we can front page them, so do keep an eye on our Twitter and our forum to keep up to date. But if you've missed anything so far this week, it's hopefully all here.

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It's Friday lunchtime, it's TOS update time. OK, take it away, Andrew.

Norm's Manchester dates? Covered. 2007 calendar? Short version: you can buy it in the shops now, but wait until next week and buy it from the Global Calendars site - you'll get a free screensaver. Oh, and you can now download a new wallpaper of an unused design.

And the reason we rushed through all that? Because the main news this week is: Geek Chase.

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