Red Dwarf’s worst kept secret emerges further from the bag

It was always going to be difficult to keep secrets quiet when there’s a year-and-a-half gap between an audience recording and an episode being broadcast. The fans who attended those Series XII recordings have done their part admirably, with very little – if any – information leaked on forums or social media. The same can’t be said for those involved in the show, however, as we’ve previously detailed. And today, something that’s been mentioned a handful of times prior to now if you know where to look on Twitter and Facebook has finally reached a mainstream comedy website, and we feel that there’s very little point in us continuing to ignore it.

Yes, Chortle are reporting – and this is your last chance to stop reading if you don’t want to see something that you probably already know – that…

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“My name is Dr. Lovett… and this is my Asylum”

Oooh. I’ve heard about Asylum before – mentioned on the Spaced DVD, it’s the first time Pegg/Wright/Stevenson all worked together, and one of the characters was part of the inspiration for Brian – but I didn’t know that the brilliant David Devant and his Spirit Wife were the resident “house band”, nor that the proprietor of the titular asylum was none other than… Norman Lovett. Anyway, in the absence of any sort of DVD release, some kind soul has stuck the whole thing online. Haven’t actually had a chance to see if it’s any good yet, but it certainly seems worth a gander…

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