I’m sorry everyone, but this is a bad one. Over the last week we have lost Phil Reed, our friend and former writer on Noise to Signal, Observation Dome and here on G&T.

Nintendo Life, a former writing haunt for Phil, tweeted the news originally and the gaming channel for which he worked, Triple Jump, are running charity streams in his memory and in aid of an organisation that was close to his heart – The Trevor Project, an LGBTQ youth charity and something that is increasingly vital in this awful, garbage fire of a world. If you feel moved to do so you can donate either through their campaign or in your own way.

For any G&T geriatrics among you Phil will need no introduction, but over the last 20 or so years he has been a friend and colleague to many in our community. Personally, I first got know Phil during the old Observation Dome and Noise to Signal days and he’s been a constant if sporadic presence here on the site since. He was a warm and talented writer and an exceptionally funny person. For those wanting to sample his work over the years, the best place for his more recent writing is Noiseless Chatter (fair content warning: Phil says goodbye personally in his last post so click with caution if you are understandably not up to reading it) and there’s more besides that, but I’ll use the comments section to point you to some of my favourites from back in the day.

We are sorry to once again be the bearers of awful news. G&T is a community of great people and we’ve lost a huge amount recently. Remember, if any of you need help then please seek it out – either professionally with a service such as The Samaritans or amongst your friends here. Take care, everyone.