I bring very exciting news. You know Wrinkles? The radio sitcom written by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, which ran for two series in 1980 and 1981? The one that starred Ballard Berkeley from Fawlty Towers and David Ross from Kryten, White Hole and Mechocracy? The one that is missing from the archives and has never been repeated in the four decades since it was originally broadcast?

Well, it's being repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Thursdays at 10:30pm.

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Over here at Ganymede & Titan, we like to think we bring a certain amount of professionalism to our reporting. We're happy to let you know then, that 1982 radio sitcom Wally Who? - penned by a certain Rob Grant and Doug Naylor - is currently being repeated every Wednesday on Radio 4 Extra, at 9:30am, 4:30pm, and 4:30am.

Admittedly, this piece of reporting may have been more impressive if this run hadn't started on the 17th May, and if we hadn't missed the first three episodes. It may also have been more impressive if we hadn't started uploading and reviewing the series ourselves back in 2009, but stopped after the first episode. Mickey Mouse operation, etc.

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Well, this has been quite a day, hasn't it? I was going to give you a run down of all the press/blog/etc coverage, but then when I spotted that GMail had split my daily Google Alerts e-mails into two threads - which happens when a thread reaches a hundred messages - I realised that this wasn't the most practical idea. Ah well, most of the interesting things are being picked up in this comment thread, thanks to our loyal band of excellent link-dumpers.

Anyway, instead of a big pile of links, we offer you mp3 copies of today's Dwarf-related radio interviews. Hooray!

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Following on from Chris Moyles' Red Dwarf clips, yet more Red Dwarf clips have been played on the nation's popular radio station, as Joey of BTLi reveals:

Scott Mills (of Southampton fame) used clips of Lister to play down the phone line as a prank on a Planetarium in the US. I think Scott got a little trigger happy with the 'bazookoids' clip though...

I actually hate this item usually (bog stand lazy LETS LAFF AT THE UNSUSPECTING PUBLICS, type crap) but it's still good to hear Dwarf clips on prime-time Radio 1, all the same. Someone at the station obivously got a Series VI DVD for their birthday.

Anyway, through the magic of audio streaming and recording software, you can listen to it for yourselves.

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Nicked from my friend Gemma's blog; it appears that tubby, talentless DJ Chris Moyles played a clip from Psirens on his show this morning:

Lister: "...And worst of all, we're down to our last two thousand poppadoms..."


As surmised by Gem, this is most likely to do with Craig appearing in the The Games, which I really should get round to watching at some point.

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