Chicken (Mc)Nugget

A thread about the Re-Mastered episodes over on the unlinkable forum has brought up an interesting debate. Which version of Series 2’s Kryten contains the edited out “Mc” from Chicken McNugget? Until today, this is how I always assumed it stood:

Original Broadcast: Edited
Video Release: Edited
Repeats: Edited
Re-Mastered: Un-edited
DVD: Edited (in line with their ‘as broadcast’ policy)

But there’s opinion on BTLpay that the repeated episodes did NOT have the line edited, which brings into question whether the original broadcast was edited, too! What does this do the DVDs’ ‘as broadcast’ status?

I’m sticking to my above opinion, but it would be interesting to find out THE TRUTH. Ok, so may not ‘interesting’, as such. I’m bored, ok? And quite possibly suffering from mild autism.

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The End: Re-Mastered

This document is a comprehensive guide to all the changes that took place to create the Re-Mastered version of the episode. As it happens, The End has just about the most alterations made to it, and was previewed on BBC TWO on Friday 13th February 1998, two days short of a decade since the original […]

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Well hello there. I’ve been called upon by Mr. Capps (White Hole top guy, best mate, taxi service and occasional dancing partner) to write a piece about why I like the remastered episodes more than the originals. There are few who seem to agree with my position on the subject and Capps especially is of […]

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As we eagerly await the release of the original series on DVD, we look back at the short-lived Remastered series and ask simply: why? With the seventh series of Red Dwarf complete and the number of episodes up to 44, the fact that they were so close to the magical 52 episode mark played heavy […]

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