Dave's Red Dwarf Weekends: VIII Edits featured image

For many years, I have sat perched on the edge of my chair, bitching about UKTV and Red Dwarf edits. About how pointless they are, about how they show no respect for the show, about how they often cut out the funniest moments of the episode. But whenever it came to documenting them, it seemed an insurmountable task.

Well, with Dave showing each series in the run-up to Red Dwarf X, it's pretty much now or never. So, in the sprit of my recent I'm Alan Partridge Series 2 dissection, here is a list of every edit made to Red Dwarf VIII, as shown on Dave pre-watershed on Saturday 8th September. Whilst reading this article, you may wish to ponder this dichotomy: how can a channel care so much about Red Dwarf to commission a new series, and yet give its repeats so little respect?

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