DwarfCast 124 - Can of Worms Commentary featured image
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It's time for our DwarfCast commentary for the final episode of Red Dwarf XI, Bag of Shite: Polymorph 3. So, before I open the particular can of worms of what we thought about this episode a little too much, please go and listen and find out for your selves what our general feelings towards this episode 4 years after its initial broadcast are. As ever the sentient soundwaves that make up Ian, Cappsy and Danny are present as we put series XI to bed, while digging into their own tasty bedtime snack of waffles.

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DwarfCast 122 - Krysis Commentary featured image
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It's time for a new DwarfCast so grab the keys to your new sports car, leave your partner for someone younger, buy a new wardrobe of designer clothes, spend too much money on sunglasses, trade in your sports car for a motorbike, give an unsolicited shoulder massage to an acquaintance, tell everyone about your eclectic music taste, retweet Emma Kennedy, get a tribal tattoo, have your bits pierced, be a sex tourist in East Asia, trade in your motorbike for a different sports car, stick a deck chair up your nose, go see Ricky Gervais stand-up, sit alone at a nightclub bar, launch an ill fated music career, vote Lib Dem, place your best cloche on your head and listen to our commentary for Krysis...

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DwarfCast 120 - Officer Rimmer Commentary featured image
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After a bit of a rest we're back with another commentary, continuing to mercilessly cleave through the the Dave era. Next on our hit list is Officer Rimmer, and whether or not we can get over the fact that it ended way too abruptly and actually talk about the episode itself is something you will have to discover yourself by listening, but what I will tell you that our commentary is followed by another edition of Waffle Men in which we delve into the history of telethons and logos.

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DwarfCast 118 - Give & Take Commentary featured image
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Are you ready for some hot G&T on G&T action? Well, ready or not Ian Symes, Danny Stephenson and Jonathan Capps are here to perform life altering surgery on your astonished ears and find out whether Give & Take really is the best episode of the series. As if that isn't enough, be sure to stick around after the main feature to be treated to another edition of Waffle Men, especially if you're a fan of unnecessarily long chats about food.

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DwarfCast 112 - Twentica Commentary featured image
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With the BBC episodes well and truly commentaried, we now turn our insatiable appetite to the Dave era, starting with Twentica. Danny Stephenson, Ian Symes and Jonathan Capps once again preside over discussions as they find out if one their favourite episodes from the series has stood the test of time before digging into another pile of Waffles.

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It’s been nearly three years since we launched our Complete Guide To Almost Everything, the G&T equivalent of an old-fashioned episode guide but with loads of extra, obscure stuff included too. Since then, there have been two more series of Red Dwarf broadcast, along with the accompanying Bluray/DVD extras, so it’s about bloody time we got our fingers out and updated it. Presenting:


Changes to this version are as follows:

  • Entries added for Series XI & XII
  • New section – Other Appearances, covering minor appearances from the characters in other shows or online exclusives
  • DVD Extras updated with details for XI & XII
  • Silver Survey rankings replaced with Pearl Poll rankings throughout
  • “Elsewhere on G&T” links updated with content published since the first edition
  • New banner

As ever, do get in touch if you have any corrections or additions – you can either comment here or on the article itself.

The G&T Review of the Year 2017 featured image

We're simply having the most wonderful Christmas time of the year, and since we've no place to go, why did we combine three separate Christmas songs into one though? The highlight of the festive season is, of course, G&T's now traditional look back on the Dwarfing year that was, and there was certainly plenty to keep us busy in 2017. Twelve months ago, there were only 67 episodes of Red Dwarf, one mobile game, and only one page worth of "ideas for episodes" in our forum.

With only seven days to go until we enter the show's thirtieth anniversary year, let's pause to recap the twenty-ninth anniversary year.

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Anyone who’s been playing GameDigits’ episodic installments of their Red Dwarf XI mobile game are probably starting to wonder where the Krysis episode might be. At the time of writing it’s been around four and a half months since Officer Rimmer released and given episodes prior to this were put out roughly two months apart, and with Series XII rapidly approaching, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the entire thing might’ve been dropped.

Well, according to a Tweet from the official GameDigits account, there’s nothing much to fear. The Red Dwarf XI game still lives but will be on hold while work moves over to a new, free, Red Dwarf XII game. Continue reading

End of Part One, Red Dwarf XI Edition featured image

Back in 2016, I took a look at the placing of ad breaks in Red Dwarf X, and how so many of them were a wasted opportunity to use the opportunity for a cliffhanger to its maximum effect. (I highly suggest you read that piece before this one if you haven't done so; otherwise, this article will come across as entirely ridiculous rather than just mostly ridiculous.)

With publicity for Red Dwarf XII about to kick off properly, it's time to tie up one last loose thread from Red Dwarf XI. How did XI fare when it came to ad breaks? Did they seem like an afterthought, like much of X? Or was the chance taken to actually do something with them - to add a lovely punctuation point to the episode, and make viewers want to come back after the break?

I'll be honest... the answer surprised me. Let's take a look.

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