Tucker’s Luck #545621265

If thinking about the model work on the new series of Red Dwarf make your anus involuntarily clench, then you’re probably a) reading the correct site and b) all too aware of the myriad fuckeries of the Series X model production and are thus rightly nervous about what comes next. While that’s a very negative way to start this piece, we do actually now have some nice positive news to ponder on that front.

As post production probably persists we’re starting to get an idea about what the new look model set-up will be. Richard Naylor, presumably as part of some sort of mental breakdown, actually gave Gazpacho Soup the time of day with the following deets…

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Nice Going On The Idiotic Gaffe
Front, Sirs

The other day, I snapped.

In our forums, there is a spoiler, which came about from a careless photo posted by a crew member. It’s not a huge spoiler, maybe. I doubt many people will be upset reading it. But it’s the latest in a long line of spoilers about the show posted online since the recordings started late last year.

There’s an interesting thing about these spoilers, mind. Nearly every single one them have come from the cast, crew, and – in one notable case – an executive at UKTV. The large audiences full of excitable fans who came to watch the shows have remained generally shtum.

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Big changes are afoot at Baby Cow, the production company that currently co-produces Red Dwarf alongside GNP. Co-founder Henry Normal is stepping down after sixteen years, Steve Coogan is stepping up to fill the gap, and most intriguingly, BBC Worldwide has gained a controlling stake in the business. It’s an amusing twist of fate that Auntie Beeb is once more involved in the production of our favourite show, but the big question remains: how is all this going to affect Red Dwarf?

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“An enormous amount of Krytens”

Those with slightly longer memories will recall that, at DJ last year, Doug mentioned that he was planning an episode where “everyone was Kryten” causing much excitement/hand-wringing/wailing and gnashing of teeth (delete as appropriate) from fandom. Now, in an interview conducted at MCM Liverpool, two chaps by the name of Robert Llewellyn and Danny John-Jules have pretty much confirmed that this episode exists. There’s no going back now…

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Red Dwarf XI – Episode 6 – Set Report

The final episode of Red Dwarf XI has been recorded in front of a studio audience, for the first time ever. G&T were there. Wary of the fact that not being able to give too much away could make these reports a bit repetitive, we were planning on using this week’s as an opportunity to wrap up any little details that had not yet been covered, only touching briefly on the specifics of this episode. But having seen it, I think we’d be doing a disservice to the efforts of the cast and crew if we didn’t give it our full attention. This then is more of a spoiler-free review of undoubtedly the finest episode of Red Dwarf that I’ve ever had the honour of witnessing first hand.

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It’s Been 35 Days…

…since Red Dwarf XI‘s first studio audience recording. Tonight sees its last. G&T will be there, and our set report will be along on Saturday. Literally nobody got in touch with requests for specific non-spoilery information, so speak now or forever stfu.

But what are we expecting from this final episode? Well, Doug says that they’ve “never had anything quite like this before”, and that one of the guest sets “runs the length of the studio”, while #happydp Ed Moore says that it’s “at its insanely-ambitious best”. This is very exciting – it sounds like we’re in for something special, one way or another.

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It’s the cockpit, dummy

It’s truly commendable how the hundreds of eager Red Dwarf fans who attend audience recordings every week manage to keep the show’s secrets safe, in compliance with their hero Doug Naylor’s wishes. The same cannot be said for the cast. In another tweet-that-may-soon-be-deleted, Robert Llewellyn has provided a picture of the cast and crew watching today’s rocket launch on the set:

It doesn’t take much guessing to figure out which particular set this is, particularly in conjunction with this tweet from Ed Moore. Frustratingly for us fans, but probably much to the relief of the production, it doesn’t show a great deal of detail, what with it being taken from an angle that’s unlikely to be used too often on-screen. But those are some lovely panels and instruments, eh?

Not sure about the product placement of that iPad, though – seems totally out of place in my opinion.