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A full episode of Red Dwarf has been recorded in front of a studio audience for the ninth time in thirteen weeks. This time round, a fair number of G&T regulars were amongst the lucky few, so we're once more doing things a little differently. We present four mini-reviews, each produced independently of each other, courtesy of Aaron Phillips, Curtis Threadgold, Jonathan "Jonsmad" Young, and me, Ian Symes. Will we be able to reach a consensus as to the merits of this episode, or will we have all had completely different experiences? Read on to find out...

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…of arguing about whether or not episode two was shit, so let’s turn our attentions to episode three of Red Dwarf XII, which has its studio audience recording tonight. As has been the case more often than not this year, we know very little about what to expect, but there have been a handful of teasery tweets.

Richard says that the read through was great, but the episode is still “insanely difficult to make“, while script editor Andrew Ellard ranks it as one of his favourites, teasing that it’s “pretty out there, in ways akin to a past divisive ep”. That could mean practically anything, but let’s hope it’s akin to the Meltdown kind of divisive episode, rather than your Krytie TV type. Either way, our set report will be along at the weekend, hopefully with yet another exciting new format, if it all works out.

In other news, if you’d like to attend the recording of episode five in two weeks’ time, the Fan Club have launched a competition that may interest you, on Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to seeing your amusing faces. And if you do manage to get tickets to that recording or any other, would you consider volunteering to help out with our set reports? If so, get in touch.

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A full episode of Red Dwarf has been recorded in front of a studio audience in the month of February for the first time since 1993. Well, you try coming up with relevant milestones for this many episodes in such a short space of time. As usual, there were no G&T representatives at the recording, but this week we strong-armed two "volunteers" into answering our questions, and they did so in such a thorough and entertaining way that we're going to quote them both in full. Please welcome Jon Botham and TORDFC's Joey Newsome, easily the best person named Newsome to belong to that particular organisation.

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… since the first episode of Red Dwarf XII was recorded in front of an audience and today, you guessed it, it’s the turn of the second and we’re already well into the territory of shamelessly reusing these post titles, URL purists be damned.

While I’m aware it’s likely you good people will correct me if I’m wrong, it seems a sum total of fuck all has been communicated about the illusive 12.2 over the last week. No leaked guest stars, no illicit set photos, no nothing, with the exception of the confirmation that these four actors will feature heavily in the episode.

Another thing we know is that Ray Peacock – comedian and long time warm-up man for the Dave-era series – will not be present tonight, but he promises “another little treat” for the audience. Speaking of Ray, his RHLSTP (RHLSTP!) episode went up this week, in which Red Dwarf gets a mention at the beginning.

Join us over the weekend as we will have another guest set report, which will hopefully shed some light on what the “little treat” might be, as well as addressing the trifling matter of the episode itself.

BREAKING NEWS EDIT: In the last few minutes this photo has been leaked from the set. We’ll have more as it comes.

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A full episode of Red Dwarf has been recorded in front of a studio audience, for the first time since 2015. As will be the case for the vast majority of this series, G&T weren't there. But we have some excellent volunteers who were there. The main report comes courtesy of Emmeline May AKA The RockstarDinosaurPiratePrincess, while Carrie Parsons of the Fan Club adds her spoiler-free thoughts on what sounds like a quite remarkable series opener.

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…since Red Dwarf XI filmed its final episode, and today Red Dwarf XII will be filming its first. It’s the shortest gap between the recording of two series by quite some margin, obviously.

The production itself started ramping up last week, however, and it seems the model builds are well under way, with a new Red Dwarf bigature and a new Starbug build progressing apace. We’ve also had the now regular pleasure of learning of a new guest star early AND a fat production spoiler, all wrapped up in one, now deleted, tweet.  Speaking of guest stars, Linda Glover has highlighted the fact that she is good at her job by teasing us about another great guest cast line-up.

After our last two set reports provided by G&T members, we’re once again reverting back to the reliance on guest reporters. It’s our own fault for forgetting the secret handshake, really. Report back at the weekend for our set report summary article, as Red Dwarf XII starts to take actual, factual shape.

...until Red Dwarf has its next studio audience recording, but a) nobody seems to give a shit about our Friday morning posts this time round, and b) quite a bit of interesting news has emerged in the last couple of days. Rest assured that our set report will be arriving on Saturday, hopefully a little earlier in the day than normal and possibly done slightly differently to normal. But in the meantime, an intriguing nugget has emerged from Robert Llewellyn's latest Periscope (link only valid until Thursday morning, disposable media fans):

They're on air next year. We spoke to someone from UKTV last night, so... the sort of September-ish of 2016, and then January-ish of 2017.

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To celebrate the extraordinarily imminent commencement of studio recordings for two brand new series of Red Dwarf, the entire G&T team gathered together to summarise everything we know so far, speculate on everything that we don't know, round up the very latest nuggets of news and also answer questions submitted by you, our faithful viewers. So join Jonathan Capps, John Hoare, Tanya Jones, Danny Stephenson, Ian Symes and special guest Jo Sharples from the fan club, as we discuss such diverse topics as the availability of abandoned industrial units in southern England, the possibility of song and dance routines appearing in the new series, the utter lack of serifs in the new logo, whether or not there'll be a huge series-spanning story arc, Danny John-Jules's penis and Homes Under The Hammer.

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Oh, it’s started, I knew it would. With precisely twelve days to go until the first episode of Red Dwarf XI goes before a live studio audience, Sunday 1st November marks the first day of pre-records, according to a tweet by Robert Llewellyn:

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