Red Dwarf XI: Krysis Review featured image

I think it's safe to say that Krysis came with a fair bit of baggage. Out of all series XI episodes, this is the one people thought most likely to be shit, and not without some good reasons. At this point in Dwarf history, many are terrified of the the concept of the Kryten-centric story, with Duct Soup and Krytie TV weighing heavily on minds. Add to that the unenviable 'episode 5' position usually reserved for the weaker episodes and the striking visual of a Ferrari Red Kryten and we pretty much had the perfect storm of terribleness just waiting to tear through the fandom.

Shit or good, Last Day or last straw, Krysis certainly does continue the tradition of defying pre-broadcast expectations, and for good or ill the thoughts I had coming away from the episode ended up being a million miles from my expectations going in.

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Red Dwarf XI: Give & Take Review featured image

Give & Take was the first episode of Red Dwarf XI to go in front of the cameras, and yet curiously it's been shuffled into the episode 3 position in favour of an episode that, before broadcast, was being touted as a classic. Does this mean we've got a bit of a clunker on our hands? Is it really looking like this series decided to put its best foot forward and saved nothing for later? Were things a little bit rusty before production settled down into its mammoth multi-month and series schedule? Well, let's see...

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Just The Shows - Volume 2 featured image

I am such a twat. Firstly, I forget that Just The Shows - Volume 2 was released this Monday and only got round to buying it the following Thursday. Secondly, I slipped on a wet floor and fell over when I entered HMV. THIRDLY, I suddenly realised, whilst buying the DVD, that I was wearing my Red Dwarf 'Skutters' t-shirt. I'm afraid the word 'dweeb' doesn't even begin to cover it.

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