Just a quick one to inform you that everyone’s favourite trio of loquacious lockdown live-streamers are back at it tonight. Rob Grant, Paul Jackson and Ed Bye are taking part in a live Red Dwarf themed Q&A and quiz on YouTube at 7pm GMT tonight. Hosted by Kevin Durham, the event is in aid of Richard’s House Children’s Hospice, and donations are being accepted here.

Here’s the link to the YouTube stream, or you can watch it right here, assuming this embed works:

In a blaze of absolutely bugger all publicity, we’re excited to note that the first full series of The Nether Regions starts tonight at 11pm on BBC Radio 4. Written by Rob Grant and Andrew Marshall of Quanderhorn fame (and I believe they may have had some involvement in other sitcoms too), it’s a sketch show in the form of a Twilight Zone spoof, which is not only penned by everyone’s favourite relatively-new-comedy-writing-partnership-comprised-of-people-previously-associated-with-other-writing-partnerships, but stars them too, alongside Helen Cripps, Edward Rowett and Holly Morgan. And as per Quanderhorn, it’s produced by Hudzen 10 himself, the brilliant Gordon Kennedy.

If you missed the pilot way back in 2019, or need a refresher given that it’s been approximately eighteen years since the heady days of 2019, it’s been archived here. And don’t worry if you’re not awake and in the vicinity of a wireless during the prime time transmission slot tonight, as it will be available on BBC Sounds or the show’s BBC programmes page immediately after broadcast. And when you’ve listened, let us know what you reckon on this very thread, which will serve as your Let’s Talk About for the whole four-episode series.

DwarfCast 145 - Book Club #16: Backwards (Part Five) featured image
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3 men, 4 Books and 16 episodes in just under 16 months. Our series of DwarfCast Book Club finally draws to a close as Ian, Cappsy and Danny wrap up Backwards, with our thoughts on High Midnight and The Difference II. Was Ace's death tossed off too quickly? What noise do popping bones make? Did Rob Grant go too far this time? Find out within!

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DwarfCast 143 - Book Club #15: Backwards (Part Four) featured image
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It's been a little while coming, but please take your seats, grab a coffee and arrange your notes because the book club is back and we have a lot of... interesting material to cover. Join a crossed legged Ian, Cappsy and Danny as they wince their way through what is undoubtedly the moment that Rob Grant's Backwards takes a bit of of a turn to the sadistic. But never fear, because Ace also makes his triumphant return, thus signalling that everything will be absolutely fine. Right?

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DwarfCast 140 - Book Club #14: Backwards (Part Three) featured image
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What's that now? You wanted more backwards stuff in your Backwards novel? Well, have we got the DwarfCast for you! Yes, whether you like it or not, in this episode Cappsy, Ian and Danny go Back to Backworld one last time as Rob Grant forces us to consider the reverse logistics of, let's say, a few too many bodily functions. Thanks Rob.

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DwarfCast 138 - Book Club #13: Backwards (Part Two) featured image
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Yes, I'm sorry, I know we asked you to smoke us some kippers and I realise that we gave you a very specific idea about the sort of time you'd expect us back, but sometimes these things take a little longer than expected, ok? The kippers will be fine, we'll have them cold in some kedgeree or something. Please, stop crying.

Yes, that's right, your three favourite ace holes have returned with the next instalment of the DwarfCast Book Club, which this time is all about part 2 of Backwards, Smoke me a Kipper, I'll be Back for Breakfast. Why is Louis Pemberton a perfect human being? How did Lewis Pemberton save Red Dwarf? Is Ace really all that great when compared to Lewis Pemberton? Lewis Pemberton? Ian, Danny and Cappsy discuss all that, and more!

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Today’s TOS update is an exciting one, featuring as it does both a rare interview with Rob Grant, plus a PDF copy of his Into The Gloop script, giving non-Holly Hop attendees an opportunity to experience the co-creator’s first Dwarfy material since the mid-90s. Now that it’s out there officially, we’ll get to work on a proper review, but in the meantime it’s well worth reading the accompanying interview, as Rob discusses working with Paul Jackson and Ed Bye, tailoring the script for the cast of fans, and – most intriguingly – his desire to do more.

Indeed, it’s one question in particular that’s raised our eyebrows, regarding future Dwarf projects. Rob essentially gives an answer similar to his statement at Holly Hop, but with one additional detail:

There are lots of ideas on the table – a stage show, a movie, a new series, spin-offs. Last week we were told of an approach to do an American version again. We’d love to do any and all of them. We want RD flying out of our buttskis. We want to take the diminutive scarlet one on another trip to the stars. Watch this space.

Lol. Of course, just because there’s been an approach, it doesn’t mean it’ll happen. I’m sure lots of people start conversations about working on Dwarf-related stuff all the time, but we never hear about them. There’s no reason to believe that this has more chance of coming to fruition than if I was to “approach” GNP with an idea to make a Red Dwarf breakfast cereal. But just imagine if this is the ultimate outcome of everything that’s been said over the last few weeks. A new Red Dwarf USA for the 2020s.

Excuse me while I have a humiliating panic attack under the scanner table.

Today was the first day of Holly Hop, and despite the presence of Rob Grant and Paul Jackson, two of the three remaining directors of Grant Naylor Productions, we really didn't expect this week's rather shocking news to be mentioned, especially considering the Fan Club team politely requested of attendees that it wasn't brought up during Q&As throughout the day.

However, it was clear from very early on in their appearance, as they prepared to commentate on White Hole alongside their usual cohort Ed Bye, that the pair wanted to address the topic. So they both did, and then some. Here is an exact, verbatim transcript of what they said, starting with Rob Grant:

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This is probably the most unpleasant news story we've had to cover in the more than eighteen years this site has been going. Not least because it involves linking to the Daily Mail, who today report that Doug Naylor is suing Rob Grant and Grant Naylor Productions, following Doug's removal from the board of the company last year. To save you from clicking onto that shithole, the relevant parts of the article are below, and below that is our initial reaction.

[Doug Naylor] has just initiated a dramatic High Court action against his former co-scriptwriter and one-time best friend, Rob Grant.

The claim also names Grant Naylor Productions, the company which he and Grant established 30 years ago ‘to exploit their services as scriptwriters’.

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It's a genuinely strange feeling for me (as indeed it would be for the rest of the remaining G&T team) to report on Fan Club activity from an outsider's perspective. I'm still not used to finding out what they're up to via official channels, rather than half-listening to their remote team meetings taking place at the other end of the sofa, worrying about what duties I'm going to be volunteered for. But today's announcement is quite a big one, as the sensationalist and yet entirely accurate headline demonstrates.

Via TOS, the Fan Club have unveiled a two-day online convention called Holly Hop, taking place on the most recently cancelled dates for DJXXI, the 6th & 7th February 2021, to tide us over until the proper convention hopefully happens in September next year, deadly pandemic permitting. So, it's a Hop for a skipped Jump, providing "guest Q&As and behind-the-scenes discussions, as well as a few surprises along the way".

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