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As we sit here and hope beyond hope that 2021 will bear as little resemblance to 2020 as humanly possible, here at G&T we're looking to replicate at least one element from the last 12 months: lots of regular DwarfCasts. Whether you think this is a good thing or not is entirely another matter, but never-the-less Ian, Danny and Cappsy have once again gathered to power through the commentaries for Dave Dwarf with Series XII, episode 1, Cured.

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"Despite some last-minute shooting by Rob and Doug after the wrap party, Demons & Angels was felt to be the weakest show of the series by Rob and Doug, and so was placed 5th – the traditional place for what you think is your worst episode. (Despite D&A being great.) Nobody cares if you’ve got a duff ep if you’ve had four great ones before it, and end the series with a blinder."

"Episode Orders", Ganymede & Titan, December 2005

Over the years on here, we've often idly mentioned the idea that the worst episode of any given comedy show should be put in the fifth episode slot out of six. In fact, we've mentioned it so much that it's almost become a truism, a cliché... and yet we've never really examined where it came from, or actually looked at whether it applies to Red Dwarf in any concrete way.

Hello. I am John Hoare, and I am going to take a look at whether this actually applies to Red Dwarf in any concrete way.

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Well, isn't that lovely? Earlier today, the above picture was posted to Instagram by one Dan Kay, a TV producer who worked on Series XI and/or XII (as evidenced by this excellent picture of a bunch of lads playing Goldeneye on the N64 in the Green Room). It's since been tweeted, on an account set up seemingly at the request of UKTV's press team. So I guess they want us to talk about it...

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