Red Dwarf Special – Set Report (Byte 2)

The concluding part of a very long episode of Red Dwarf has been recorded in front of an audience for the first time this decade. Well, for the first time ever, come to think of it. G&T were there.

It’s a now-familiar journey to Pinewood for Red Dwarf fans lucky enough to get tickets or brave enough to risk it on a standby, but the studio seemed a lot busier than it did for the first recording. Despite the rearranged nature of this event leading to fears that attendance may be affected, the marquee was packed to the wind-swept rafters, with the security team sensibly electing to conduct their checks inside this time, away from the bitter cold that the snaking queue outside had to endure. The higher than average number of production guests included James Baxter, who brought his Dwarf character to mind when he went through the security checks and posed with his arms outstretched.

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Red Dwarf Special – Set Report (Byte 1)

At least some of an episode of Red Dwarf has been recorded in front of a studio audience for the first time in nearly four years. G&T were there.

There were many things that made it unique. The first time that they’d deliberately set out to only shoot half of an episode in one audience night, and yet it will convert to the highest amount of screen time covered in a single session since Back In The Red in 1998. The fact that we were supposed to be watching the second part last night, but circumstances conspired to make this the first part, which also means that this will become the first individual episode to have its filming split roughly equally across two different calendar years. And that’s not even to mention that this is a completely new format for Red Dwarf, the first time ever that – on broadcast, at least – a story that lasts longer than half an hour will be told in one uninterrupted go. But there was so much that was reassuringly familiar.

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DwarfCast 68 – Red Dwarf XII – Episode 6 – Set Report

A potential final ever episode of Red Dwarf has been filmed for the 10th time in 28 years. G&T were there, represented by beardy Yorkshiremen Daniel Stephenson and Jonathan Capps. Join this duo, along with Tom Pyott and the Fan Club’s Jo Sharples and Mick Hayes as they attempt to summarise an exciting, confusing and slightly emotional recording. Oh, and apologies for the Brummie barging in half way through; he lives in the same house and there’s nothing we could do to stop him.

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Red Dwarf XII – Episode 5 – Set Report

A full episode of Red Dwarf has been recorded in front of a studio audience on a Friday for the last time this year. G&T weren’t there, but once again we’re delighted to present a bumper crop of testimonies from volunteers Stephen Abootman, Kris Carter, David Fisher, Andy Holland and Simon Peel. We sent them some questions, and their answers are provided in full below, repetition and contradiction included.

Before we get started, a couple of things to note. We did ask everyone if there was any further mention of the episode six postponement. We’ve omitted their replies, but just imagine the word “no” five times and you’ll get the gist. Also, yes, that is a picture of Kryten’s full make-up and costume, courtesy of naughty DoP Ed Moore. Consider the comments section of this post as your opportunity to discuss this unexpected spoiler. The vast majority of photos in this report come from Ed’s Instagram, so do give him a follow.

But with no further ado, let the Q&A commence…

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Red Dwarf XII – Episode 4 – Set Report

A full episode of Red Dwarf has been filmed in front of an audience for the tenth time in fourteen weeks. To celebrate this occasion we have gathered what seems to be around half of that audience to give us their thoughts and feelings on what was filmed. Strap in everyone, because as part of THE WORLD’S GIANTEST SET REPORT we have detailed thoughts from the wonderful Stephen R. Fletcher, Alisdair Green, Dan Pendleton, Pete Martin, Jezz Harrison and Mel Stanley.

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Red Dwarf XII – Episode 3 – Set Report

A full episode of Red Dwarf has been recorded in front of a studio audience for the ninth time in thirteen weeks. This time round, a fair number of G&T regulars were amongst the lucky few, so we’re once more doing things a little differently. We present four mini-reviews, each produced independently of each other, courtesy of Aaron Phillips, Curtis Threadgold, Jonathan “Jonsmad” Young, and me, Ian Symes. Will we be able to reach a consensus as to the merits of this episode, or will we have all had completely different experiences? Read on to find out…

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Red Dwarf XII – Episode 2 – Set Report

A full episode of Red Dwarf has been recorded in front of a studio audience in the month of February for the first time since 1993. Well, you try coming up with relevant milestones for this many episodes in such a short space of time. As usual, there were no G&T representatives at the recording, but this week we strong-armed two “volunteers” into answering our questions, and they did so in such a thorough and entertaining way that we’re going to quote them both in full. Please welcome Jon Botham and TORDFC‘s Joey Newsome, easily the best person named Newsome to belong to that particular organisation.

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Red Dwarf XII – Episode 1 – Set Report

A full episode of Red Dwarf has been recorded in front of a studio audience, for the first time since 2015. As will be the case for the vast majority of this series, G&T weren’t there. But we have some excellent volunteers who were there. The main report comes courtesy of Emmeline May AKA The RockstarDinosaurPiratePrincess, while Carrie Parsons of the Fan Club adds her spoiler-free thoughts on what sounds like a quite remarkable series opener.

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Red Dwarf XI – Episode 6 – Set Report

The final episode of Red Dwarf XI has been recorded in front of a studio audience, for the first time ever. G&T were there. Wary of the fact that not being able to give too much away could make these reports a bit repetitive, we were planning on using this week’s as an opportunity to wrap up any little details that had not yet been covered, only touching briefly on the specifics of this episode. But having seen it, I think we’d be doing a disservice to the efforts of the cast and crew if we didn’t give it our full attention. This then is more of a spoiler-free review of undoubtedly the finest episode of Red Dwarf that I’ve ever had the honour of witnessing first hand.

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DwarfCast 65 – Red Dwarf XI – Episode 5 – Set Report

A full fifth episode of Red Dwarf has been recorded in front of a studio audience for the first time since 1998. G&T were there, in the manly form of Danny Stephenson, along with Jez Harrison of TORDFC. As soon as the episode finished, they raced back to G&T Towers to discuss their findings with Ian Symes, who sneakily recorded their every word. Yes, this week’s set report is in DwarfCast form. Listen now to discover why this recording was the longest one yet, how this episode does something that Red Dwarf has never done before, and get the full story behind the shocking fire alarm drama.

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