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To celebrate Red Dwarf's twenty-fifth anniversary, we held a small gathering in West London in order to broadcast a load of old Dwarf-related ramblings live to the assembled masses. This is your regular downloadable version of that broadcast. The G&T team (Cappsy, Danny, Ian, John and Tanya) were joined by TORDFC's Jezzmund Tutu and Jo Sharples, and TOS's Seb Patrick.

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Ladies and gentlemen, on the occasion of Red Dwarf's twenty-fifth anniversary, we invite you to join us, if you dare, in a journey through the Top 61 episodes of all time, as voted for by YOU. So if you disagree with anything you read here, you've only got yourself to blame. This article was an epic undertaking for us, and it will be for you, the reader, as it's 10,000 words long and jam-packed with more statistics than you can shake a stick at. The words are by Ian Symes, the graphics are by Danny Stephenson, and the massive database that ran the survey was by Jonathan Capps, who also made it all look very pretty with his CSS shenanigans.

Grab yourself a coffee or a beer - whatever's your poison - and brace yourself. Good luck everybody - here it comes!

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Well, I’ve rather spent my load by putting everything in the title, really. Nevertheless, please be excited by our attempt to honour the twenty-fifth anniversary of Red Dwarf‘s first broadcast with a LIVE RADIO EXTRAVAGANZA. Myself, Cappsy, John, Tanya and Danny will all be together in one room, joined by special guests Seb Patrick from reddwarf.co.uk and Jo Sharples and Jezzmund Tutu from The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club. It’s all going to start at 9pm on Friday night – twenty five years to the VERY SECOND that The End first hit our screens. Once again, the show will be streamed live on our Spreaker page – the link will appear at around 8:45pm there, here and on our Twitter page.

As ever, we want to hear from you idiots – we’ll be responding to tweets and comments throughout the show, but we’re particularly interested in listening to your stupid voices this time round. Our Skype lines will be open to take your comments and questions, and absolutely anyone is welcome to call in at any time. Just add ‘ianiansymes’ on Skype between now and Friday, and you’re guaranteed the chance to tell us directly how much you think we’re dicks.

We don’t have much of an agenda or running order, so please come up with some good questions or discussion topics to throw our way – this is a celebration of all aspects of Red Dwarf, so we’d love to delve into the minutiae of things we rarely get a chance to talk about. One thing we will definitely be discussing is the Ganymede & Titan Silver Survey – the results of which will be published bright and early on Friday morning. Find out once and for all just how much everyone hates Pete (Part Two).