A few years ago an enthusiastic young fan of the site called Seb Patrick laid a challenge at our door. "Why", he scoused, "doesn't Red Dwarf have a meme generator website similar to the brilliant Frinkiac and Morbotron?". That was definitely exactly what he said. And, I'm sad to say, we immediately dismissed the idea as essentially impossible. The thought of the logistics of the image processing, the indexing, the matching up with subtitles and the website build itself made us feel immensely sleepy. But, as the old quote goes... we may not be fast but we get there in the end.

So, 1,625,543 frames and 32,498 subtitles have been smashed together into what might be the most important website on the entire Internet and we are now incredibly proud to present to you, and the world...

The Smega-Drive

Want to know more? Then read on.

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