DwarfCast 147 - The Smegazine Rack - Issue #1 featured image
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Ok everyone, put on your baseball caps on backwards, wear clashing colours, like Morrisey, 'pop' an 'e', sing 'Barcelona', be surprised at Denmark winning the Euros, experience the same dates on the same days as you will in 2020 and correctly believe Sonic to be superior to Mario because we're going back to 1992! In the first of what will be... *checks*... a lot of fucking DwarfCasts we're going through every issue of the Smegazine one by one, until we be done. Ian's read them all exhaustively over the years, and for whatever reason Danny and Cappsy... haven't. What's going to happen??

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The Smegazine Catalogue featured image

It seems strange now. Even though Red Dwarf is a current TV show once more, is popular enough to maintain an official fan club even during the ten year hiatus, and has always been extremely well represented on fansites, blogs and social media... a magazine? A whole magazine, dedicated to just Red Dwarf? In proper shops and everything? Monthly? It's baffling.

But remember, back in the early to mid '90s, Red Dwarf was a pretty big deal. Viewing figures were constantly on the rise, the likes of Ace Rimmer and Talkie Toaster were invading the public consciousness, conventions were being organised and the show was expanding into other platforms. The audience of teenagers and young adults were ripe for commercial exploitation, as books, videos, t-shirts, posters and more started to hit the shelves. So actually, why the hell not add a magazine to the mix?

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