Well, since we’re all in the mood for rebirths, Smegle’s having a little bit of relaunch today. The original version was all well and good but it was guilty of being a tad on the easy side, and so we’ve had our finest minds working hard to firstly work out how to make guessing harder and secondly steal all the mechanics from Wordle so its daily mode will work. We’ve also changed where’s it’s hosted. Please, contain your excitement…

Get your New Smegle here!

It should all be self explanatory. The original version is preserved as ‘Casual Continuous’ mode, but be sure to complete your ‘Difficult Daily’ every day to maintain your streak and share it to Twitter so everyone can not give a fuck about your achievements.

Have fun!

Introducing Smegle featured image

Ain't no joke, it's plain to see. Smegle's here for you and me.

When we launched The Smega-Drive it was obvious that having such a huge archive of categorised screenshots from the show would end up being useful in many other ways, we just weren't exactly sure what they were. Well, since then some lucky bastard invented Wordle, which ended up being the next big thing in the world of online word games. Since then everyone and their mum (especially your mum) have been clamouring to copy its format (which is easy) and its success (which is not easy).

So, why shouldn't we be any different? Well, we have no clear monetisation strategy but one out of two ain't bad...

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