High & Low: Special Effects

Of all the difficult tasks I have faced whilst writing Ganymede & Titan, this has to be one of the most difficultistestist. Even more difficult than writing an article which doesn’t manage to be spectacularly rude about somebody for very little reason. How the bloody hell do you manage to boil down the quite staggering amount of amazing special effects work for Red Dwarf into one easy-to-digest Top 10 list?

Answer: with a lot of kicking, screaming, self-doubt as to the worth of my entire life, and general dissatisfaction. Hopefully that’s sold this article as something well worth reading. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

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DwarfCast 53 – Timeslides / Backwards Forwards Commentary

It’s DwarfCast time once again, and this time we’re dusting off another commentary recorded on the anniversary weekend, spruced up a bit by a more recent, and possibly ill-advised, commentary on the DVD extra Backwards Forwards. Rejected options for the bonus extra for this ‘cast was Hattie’s DJ Diary, and 20 minutes of bitter, teary complaints about the broken menu on Disc 2. I think we chose wisely.

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