Unabandoned Shop

In amongst all the excitement of Twentica being unleashed to the world, the launch of the brand new Red Dwarf shop has understandably taken a back seat. But on any other day, this would be a huge deal, so let’s take a closer look. The first impression is that the site is functional but attractive. Nice big pictures and prices of everything on offer on the front page, with sub-indexes divided between “clothing” and “accessories”. It’s a bit of a shame, however, that the pictures are quite low-res, and that there’s no option to zoom in to take a closer look at the items you’re expected to pay good money for. There are details you can make out in last week’s TOS update that you can’t actually see on the shop itself!

As for what’s for sale, we have a choice of nine t-shirts (one long-sleeved, one polo, the others regular), all of which are available in S-XXL and presumably intended to be unisex. There’s also two hoodies, a mug, a bag, a poster, a postcard set, a lanyard, a badge set and a keyring. It’s worth noting that none of these things are actually available yet – you can order them all right now, but they’re all listed as shipping in October 2016. Prices are decent, particularly for the clothing, although the lanyard and keyring seem a bit steep at £8 each, before p&p. I placed a massive order earlier, and the shipping cost seemed very reasonable, but I’ve since seen unconfirmed reports that there’s a minimum shipping cost of £5.60 per order, no matter how small the order.

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Jo Howard RIP

Amid all the optimism about 2012 from everyone in the Red Dwarf community, it’s with a heavy heart we start off the year learning of the sad death of Jo Howard who, on the 21st October last year, was lost to cancer.

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“You might think that, I couldn’t possibly comment”

This week’s TOS update features an interview with the channel head of Dave, Steve North. As you might expect, the majority of it is Steve mutually backslapping about Red Dwarf – both as a property in general (he clearly knows his stuff, talking about series VIII viewing figures and the like) and the success it’s had on Dave. But you’re still going to want to read it. Trust me.

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Red Dwarf Site That Isn’t G&T Publishes Lengthy In-Depth Article

Lovely stuff. Not my words, the words of Shakin’ Stevens. But also my words.

Yes, Andrew Ellard’s done his thing over at TOS and given us a nicely comprehensive article about the making of Back to Earth. And even if you’ve already pored over every nugget of info the various doccos and commentaries on the DVDs have to offer, there are still a few important points that jump out…

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EDIT (7:55pm): Well, to coin a phrase: whoops! This isn’t actually properly live yet – we just happened to catch it during testing, because we’re a WELL OILED NEWS MACHINE. Bug reports and so on should probably wait until it’s live properly…

EDIT (5/3/09): Now fully online!

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