EDIT (7:55pm): Well, to coin a phrase: whoops! This isn't actually properly live yet - we just happened to catch it during testing, because we're a WELL OILED NEWS MACHINE. Bug reports and so on should probably wait until it's live properly...

EDIT (5/3/09): Now fully online!

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It's that time of the week again, where Andrew Ellard unleashes a fresh round of TOS into our astonished faces. This week - EDITING. It's one of those TOS updates where nothing spectacular is revealed - just lots of little details that bring a huge smile to your face, and further reassure us that this thing is actually bloody well happening.

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Just a quick update to bring you this nice little post made by Andrew Ellard on the TOS WebBoard, who today took his place on the new production team for the specials.

I moved into my office on the new Red Dwarf production. It is number 13. The schedule includes not one but TWO Friday the 13ths.

I choose not to be superstitious. Since we have a very cool story to tell.

Expect updates on the site in the next week or two now things are up and running, as opposed to 'roughly planned'.


News coming soon, everyone, SO STOP COMPLAINING.

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1988. Margaret Thatcher is Prime Minister. The Last Emperor wins nine Oscars. The Only Way Is Up is Britain's best-selling single, and on BBC-2, a brand new series starts. A series which features science-fiction, but is funny. A series set in space, but without aliens. A series that has already been turned down three times by the BBC, and then almost scuppered by a technicians strike, but which finally hits the airwaves on 15th February 1988 - the date which comedy goes beyond the final frontier.

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