DwarfCast 73 – Trojan Commentary

We estimate that we’re about six to seven weeks away from the first broadcast of Red Dwarf XI. What better way to clear the decks ahead of the new series than by wrapping up our coverage of the last one? Over the next six weekends, we’ll be marking the countdown to new Dwarf by releasing weekly commentaries for all six episodes of Series X. Unless XI starts earlier than we’re anticipating, in which case we’ll either rush them all out or pretend the whole thing never happened.

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High & Low: Series X Scenes

It was exactly two years ago today that Red Dwarf X burst onto our screens, heralding a brand new era of regular new series, sensible production schedules, and crystal clear communication with the fans as to the show’s future. In a change to your scheduled programming, High & Low looks back on the very best and very worst Series X Scenes. By sheer coincidence, all six episodes have at least one representative in the top ten, although the same even spread does not apply for the bottom five, with one episode taking up 60% of those spaces. What episode could that possibly be? Bearing the usual “only this writer’s opinion, not that of G&T as a whole” caveat in mind, read on to find out…

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High & Low: Guest Characters

Previously on High & Low, we’ve comprehensively and indisputably determined the ten best and five worst cast members’ other shows and DVD extras. With those contentious issues now settled once and for all, we turn to the topic of guest characters. Red Dwarf has always had such a strong core ensemble that it’s a rare occasion when an outsider takes centre stage. But memorable guest performers have often been used to enhance storylines, either for extra comedy value, a threat to the crew’s safety, or to build touching and emotional relationships. The best ones are usually a combination of at least two of the three, and it’s those that we celebrate here, along with some of those that failed to do any of them effectively.

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DwarfCast 44 – Series X Semi Retrospective Byte One

Join the full Ganymede & Titan team – Jonathan Capps, John Hoare, Tanya Jones, Daniel Stephenson and Ian Symes – for a journey way way back into the past, as we attempt to take a retrospective look at Red Dwarf X, recorded about a week and a half after the series finished. Byte One of this beast contains our thoughts on Trojan, Fathers & Suns and Lemons, revised and updated since the Live Instant Reactions, with the benefit of repeated viewings, insights from the DVD documentary, and several weeks’ worth of arguments on G&T.

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Red Dwarf X: Trojan Review

For the first time in my life, I’m sitting down and writing a review for a brand new episode of Red Dwarf. Three years ago we all watched Back to Earth, the first new Red Dwarf in 10 years, but soon after Series X was properly announced it was clear that it would be more of a true continuation of the show. A full 6 part series of 30 minute episodes is a much, much bigger prospect than a mini-series that was essentially one special anniversary show, and so it feels much more important and a much better indicator of what Doug and the cast and crew can really do with the show.

It turns out, in my own humble opinion, they can still do Red Dwarf real good. Real good indeed.

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DwarfCast 36 – Trojan: Instant Reaction

This is Dwarfcast 36 – or Live Dwarfcast 1 – our instant reaction to Trojan. Present are G&T staffers Ian Symes, Jonathan Capps and Danny Stephenson, along with Jo Sharples and Jezzmund Tutu from the Official Red Dwarf Fan Club. As well as discussing all aspects of the first episode of Series X in excruciating detail, we’ve got interviews with Bill Pearson, Craig Charles and Doug Naylor direct from the red carpet at Wednesday’s premiere. There’s also comments from our excellent community and a preview of next week’s episode.

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1.46m Red Dwarf fans can’t be wrong

The ratings are in… and it’s very good news indeed. Trojan averaged out at 1.46 million, or a 6.3% share of the total television audience. And that’s just the overnights – it doesn’t factor in Dave Ja Vu,  same-week repeats and PVR viewings. It beat BBC Four, BBC Three, ITV2 and CHANNEL 4 in its timeslot. It’s the second highest rated UKTV programme of all time, behind Back To Earth. The fact that it’s slightly down onBTE shouldn’t concern us – bank holiday weekend ratings are always higher than a standard mid-week slot, and Series X has six episodes worth of total viewings to gather.

Coming up later today – a proper Dwarfcast version of our Trojan Instant Reaction. We haven’t quite managed to fix all of the sound problems (although they are improved), but at least we’ve taken out the 20 minutes of dead air in the middle. We’ll also be posted our massive written review of the episode either later today or early tomorrow. Please don’t break our website again in the meantime.