The G&T Spoiler Policy

If you do not read this, Danny John-Jules will come round your flat in the middle of the day and destroy your furniture and pets without your knowledge.

During Series XII

Due to the audience being split between those watching on UKTV Play a week in advance, and those watching as the episodes are broadcast on Dave, the content that we post during the broadcast period will be intended for one audience or the other. Each post will be clearly marked as being at the relevant pace.

For articles marked UKTV Play: You’re free to discuss the episode in the comments as soon as it’s available on the platform. Those who are waiting for the TV broadcast are advised to avoid these posts completely until you’ve seen the episode.

For articles marked Dave: The content and comments will be spoiler-free until the episode is broadcast, after which it’s a free for all. If you’re watching on TV as it goes out, you’re safe to read at any time. If you’ve already seen the episode in question on UKTV Play, feel free to comment in a non-spoilery way, but any comments that reveal details of the episode ahead of broadcast are strictly forbidden. Repeat offenders will be banned. If in doubt, don’t bother.

Series XII episodes yet to be released

All of the below refers specifically to information gleaned by those attending the studio recordings. Details revealed via Dave, Grant Naylor or Baby Cow can and will be discussed openly; the same applies to things revealed by the cast and crew on social media or in interviews. However, if spoilers from the audience recordings are revealed elsewhere on the net, they can not be discussed here. If in doubt, e-mail us first.


The Ganymede & Titan writers will not reveal any spoilers on the site at any time. This includes the storyline, plot elements, and dialogue of any episode, including any actors that have not yet been officially confirmed. We will, however, be discussing the sets (unless there’s a particular set that would spoil a part of the story), episode titles (again, so long as the title isn’t something like “LISTER FINALLY FUCKS KOCHANSKI” or, “DIBBLEYWORLD”), the performance of the main cast, the general quality of the writing and basically anything even remotely tangential that will only serve to inform you of our opinions.

Forum and Comments

This is ever so slightly more complicated. We want to adhere to wishes of Grant Naylor Productions and not reveal any spoilers on the site but we also understand the desire to either discuss plot details with people who were also at the recording or read entire plots verbatim. We would suggest that commenters adhere to our own editorial policy and keep plot spoilers away from the comments or forum. An ideal solution for people on G&T who want to discuss plots and other spoilery details would be find to other communities that are more geared to this sort of mass spoiler discussion, keeping the hot stuff away from G&T.

Obviously discussion of the recordings is positively encouraged but the bottom line is we ask that the utmost respect is shown to the vast majority of fans who do not want any plot details spoiled. Use common sense, show respect and we will promise to do the same when moderating your comments.

And if you don’t, we will reserve the right to call you a prick.