If you do not read this, Chris Barrie will sneak into your kitchen first thing in the morning and rearrange your cereals without mercy.

During production of the Red Dwarf Special, we’re implementing a broadly similar spoiler policy to that which was in place for Series X-XII, but slightly revised and simplified to reflect the changing digital landscape. This is really just to formalise what has been, and should continue to be, the self-policing status quo for the last few years, but if you have any doubt at all as to whether the thing you’re about to post is possibly against the rules, please pause and contact us first.

Audience Recordings

Absolutely no spoilers, or details of the production that have not yet been made public, will be revealed on the site at any time. This includes, but is not limited to: story synopsis, plot details, dialogue and the identity of guest characters or actors. We will not allow any of this in our comments or forum either, even if it comes from somewhere else online. Put simply, if it’s a detail that only an audience member should know, keep it away from G&T.

We will however be discussing some elements of the recordings in our set reports, and encourage commenters to do the same, providing that it’s in a qualitative way – you can give your opinions on what you saw at the recordings, but not describe exactly what it was you saw. Such topics may include the overall quality of the writing and performances, opinions on costumes and sets, the vague look and feel of the show, and anything to do with the general experience of being at the recordings – just not what happens while the cameras are rolling.

Press and Social Media

Anything officially released by UKTV/Dave, TOS, Red Dwarf HQ, GNP or Baby Cow is obviously up for discussion instantly, and is not considered a spoiler. Anything posted by the cast or crew on social media is also considered fair game, even if they’ve revealed something that they shouldn’t have – we’re more than happy to adhere with the production’s wishes and police the fans when it comes to audience recordings, but it’s not our fault if people actually employed by the production don’t do the same.

The same applies to interviews with cast and crew – if they’ve said it in public, we can discuss it. Potential spoilers from elsewhere, such as pictures of location filming etc, will be treated on a case-by-case basis. If it’s one tweet that only a handful of people have seen, it’s not our business to bring it to a wider audience. If however it’s being covered by major news outlets, there’s no point us ignoring it. As with all of this, it should be common sense, but once again, please contact us first if you’re not sure.