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    If you were walking down the street and found a magic lamp where upon rubbing it a Genie appeared and granted you the wish of making a big budget Red Dwarf movie with the sole stipulation that it had to be remakes of up to 4 episodes and not an original script, which 4 do you think would best benefit from a big budget remake?

    My picks, in order, would be :

    The End ,of course, as you have to introduce our favorite crew to the general public. I also think it would greatly benefit from both hindsight rewriting and a huge budget for sets etc. I would have that segue into ….

    Better Than Life as its just crying out for a huge amount of cash for the effects and is one of the funnier episodes as well as giving us a real glimpse of just how unbalanced Rimmer can be. Making it/rewriting it to more closely resemble the book would be a big plus too imo. Followed by …

    Back to Reality as its just an outstanding episode and gives all our boys plenty of chops to showcase their takes on the characters. Plus…. Duane Dibbly ! I would end with…

    Skipper. Its a perfect ending (unfortunately) for our voyeuristic peek into the lives of our beloved crew. Good foundation script to start with and a last hilarious look into the warped mind of Arnold J. Rimmer.

    I would have The Rimmer Experience worked into it somewhere somehow too.

    A huge Hollywood style big budget and production values would greatly benefit all these I think and I have faith that Mr. Naylor could weld these together seamlessly. That’s my Red Dwarf blockbuster, what’s yours?



    I think it has to be the ones where there’s a bigger world to explore, that couldn’t be realised fully on the show’s small budget. So Better Than Life and Back To Reality, definitely.

    I’d maybe also add Meltdown, to allow them to show the full scale of Rimmer’s deluded war fantasies ravaging an entire planet. Maybe Rimmerworld too, to better flesh out the idea of a planet of Rimmers.

    Part of me wants to suggest stuff like Gunmen and Terrorform too, but to be honest I think they already do a really good job despite the budget limitations.



    Think Me² or Kryten would be good ones, just so you could do flashbacks and do justice to the accident, and stick a bit of Kryten’s backstory in.


    Adam Bailey

    I’m gonna cheat and just say Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers.

    So going off the episodes, The End, Future Echoes, Waiting For God(sorta), Kryten, Better than Life.

    To cut it down a bit for a movie I would ditch the Future Echoes part.


    Pete Part Three

    And Me² evidently.



    Funnily enough both Me2 and Waiting for God were on my short list too. I only left out Me2 (in my list) because I already had so many Rimmer-centric episodes. Waiting for God is one of my favorite episodes, I can’t remember just where I had it in the Pearl poll but it was much higher than most people placed it. Which is the main reason I left it out tbh. Kudos to Mr. Bailey for mentioning Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers! The “scene” where Rimmer goes to the ….. cathouse ….. (I’m from the U.S. and that’s a euphemism for Brothel here) and that sheep comes out! Hilarious!

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