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    Are there any Sydney siders planning to go to the Dwarf Day of the Sydney Sci Fi convention in Sydney feb 2-3.
    I was considering it till I saw the price of premium tickets $AUS 500 for one day. That the organisers can shove where the sun does not shine
    Even the plebs tickets are $120.
    Considering I have to travel over 400 km to get there thats an exta 200 – 300, and crossing several fire lines in the process. FT


    This probably the last chance to see them live without traveling to U.K.! I would rethink this decision! I may go,if they let me in the country. I may be on the undesirable list! Checking flights now! LA to ? where would I like to land, to go to that show.

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    I would really like to go but just can’t justify the cost since the convention is expensive as you say, and I would also have to pay to travel interstate to get to it.


    Checking flights now! LA to ? where would I like to land, to go to that show.

    A Smegging Expensive Weekend


    The closest airport is the Sir Charles Kingsford Smith airport Sydney. Surry Hills is on the western edge of the main Sydney CBD. If you never leave Sydney you will hardly know you’ve left the USA, except for the carbunkles on your bum from the flight. There are lots of good, but fairly dear, hotels, motels and trailer parks (we call them caravan parks) in Sydney.
    Tourist visas are usually fairly easy for North Americans to get, so you would have to have done something pretty extreme to get knocked back.
    If you stay within Sydney then Sydney Harbour (also called Port Jackson) has most of the touristy sites. probably the best are the Zoo, Luna Park (sort of a smaller scale Coney Island) and fort Denison are probably the most interesting. Denison, despite many common ideas, was actually mainly built to guard against American ships. For more relaxing type sights Manly and Bondi are two of the more famous beaches (lots of sunscreen, you may be used to hot but the Ozone layer is on average 20-30% weaker over Australia than the US.
    There are some fairly good museums in Sydney also and the Art Gallery is probably still doing its annual display of last years best High school graduation art pieces (IMO the best of their regular shows, some of the stuff these kids come up with is mind blowing). Normally I would recommend Apple Tree Flats on the western edge of the city but am not sure how badly they were effected by the fires this year. If not effected then the Marsupials are so used to humans they will come right up and interact directly with you, dont make sudden moves though as Roos and Wallabies can kick the living crap out odf a human quite easily. If the fires hit the wildlife will obviously be to skittish for interaction.
    If you do decide to do it then I hope some of that proves useful and was not to late for it to be helpful.
    Here is a link with what the Sydney City Tourism committee recomends



    fozzibear1! Thank you for al the interesting info! The only thing that is stopping me is the 15 hour flight! I didn’t think it was that long! For some reason I thought it was 10 hr maybe that when the Concord was flying! I was only kidding about the do not fly list, but I can not go to Mexico any more the People Smugglers are looking for me! I ruined a few of their big moves and some one Grassed me out! So Adios Mexico. I know first hand about fires,here in Arizona we have wild fires almost every year Hundreds of thousands of acres burn,mostly human caused! Maybe I will come after RD11 airs and they have another Event but I’ll take a cruise, http://www.freightercruises.com/seaworthy_news_1109.php I would enjoy that.

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