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    Ladies, Gentlemen, Gelfs and Simulants… I’m happy to submit my Red Dwarf fan-fic, titled “Homecoming”, to the general public!

    It was written to answer the biggest question of the series: “What happened directly after Series VIII?” Many fans have posted in the forums and Facebook Groups, asking which Rimmer appears in BtE and beyond, and how that came to be. Hopefully this story will become your personal head-canon. Enjoy!


    International Debris

    Just posted this on Facebook:

    Pretty amazed that this ties together many, many continuity plot holes whilst retaining the structure of a coherent story and feeling like part of the show’s universe. Only a couple of big laughs, but plot-wise it works really well. As I don’t expect Doug to ever fill in the blanks this will work as a nice piece of head canon.


    International Debris

    Laugh-wise, I particularly like the the idea that it’d have taken far less time with only one Rimmer. If there was ever a fan-fic joke that felt as if it was straight out of the real thing…


    Renegade Rob

    Nicely done. Very good continuity nods. The idea of the Rimmers branching out of Rimmerworld is an excellent premise.



    As good an explanation as any, and it ties everything together with a nice big bow on top! Well done. Love a good fanfic.


    Plastic Percy

    That was a great read, well done. I think it’s up there with my favourite Red Dwarf fan story, ‘The Last Temptation of Kryten’.


    Plastic Percy

    Well, it’s better than the fanfic I stumbled across many moons ago where a horny Kochanski orders Kryten to take a shower with her so she can make use of the dildo that plugs into his groinal socket.



    But the Series 4000 isn’t waterproof, is it?



    *deletes Google search history*



    Lovely! It ties a lot of things up nicely. I vote to make this the “Official Explanation”.



    Just finished reading this. Really impressive. Very skilfully done indeed!



    Thanks all! I’m glad to hear everyone’s enjoying it (and that no one has found any glaring errors.. =) )


    Plastic Percy

    It’s certainly better than that story I read where Rimmer returns and Kill Crazy becomes the next Ace Rimmer.

    Or the vast majority of stories online that would have you believe that Lister really wants to shag Rimmer.



    Or the vast majority of stories online that would have you believe that Lister really wants to shag Rimmer.

    Pfft, they’ve got the wrong character, the smegheads! Despite Rimmer’s assertions that Lister will “bonk anything”, everyone knows Cat’s really the one who’ll have sex with anything. It’s right there on his CV! = P



    What I particularly love about this story is that, unlike a lot of other “Rimmer comes back” stories, he’s neither too heroic nor too pathetic. He’s just not that into being Ace, so he comes home. Also, I like that nano RImmer doesn’t simply don the wig and take over. He makes his own destiny.


    Pete Tranter’s Sister

    Shameless fan-wankery but rather entertaining.



    Taiwan Tony

    I’d say it was better than series 7 onwards.


    Pete Tranter’s Sister

    Arrived on time and in condition described. Recommended seller.



    I’d be very curious to know the amount of these stories that you’ve actually read. I’ve read many, and in general, the fics that pair Rimmer and Lister together are done by talented authors, and I’m not including myself in this analysis. Like any fandom, you’ve got fanfics that don’t particularly cut the mustard, but in general, the RD writers are a talented lot.

    You may not agree with someone deciding to go a slightly different route from canon and imagine a “what-if?” scenario where Lister and Rimmer wind up more than antagonistic bunkmates, but something not being your cup of tea doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. Different strokes for different folks.

    You see what I did there?


    Pete Tranter’s Sister




    I did try to stay conscious of the amount of “fan-wankery” in the story, but most of what I did put in just seemed to flow naturally from the story without having to shoe-horn it in, unlike in some other stories I’ve read, which were built solely around fan service. Most of the elements you’re probably referring to were most likely added as a logical step between points A and B, and weren’t even in my mind when I originally thought up the story. Ah well.


    Pete Tranter’s Sister

    I’m sure you’ll survive my incessant, white-hot critique.




    I liked it. I thought it was quite good. Well done.

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