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    Niki Hutchinson

    I don’t know if this ever been shown on this forum before, but whiles looking around the web on Frieman Sam of all things. There’s an illustration of what Rob Grant’s “Cruel Aliens” would have looked like !!!



    I always thought Fireman Sam was part of the Postman Pat / Charlie Chalk / Bertha family, surprised to learn it’s not related.

    I haven’t thought about Joshua Jones for approx. 27 years.



    May I ask why you were looking around for Fireman Sam content online? It was my favourite show as a kid so curious what you were looking for/researching


    Ben Saunders

    You don’t want to know



    Joshua Jones seems to have entirely passed me by.

    Could only have been going, what, a couple of miles per hour?

    Great theme though.


    Taiwan Tony

    I returned to Fireman Sam recently when my daughter showed an interest in Postman Pat etc. There’s an alarming scene in the title credits when Sam puts out a blazing tent-fire. (Not a euphemism.) It’s chilling.


    Niki Hutchinson

    I was looking for information about another kids show called The Shoe People (Just one of those, Hey I remember that show and wonder if there’s any info on who made it) and as I did google images showed off Rob Lee connection with it and that’s how I found the “Cruel Aliens” pic. Love to know (if I ever meet or contact either Rob’s) if they ever made a fully done pilot for it.

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