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    Ben Paddon

    It’s out. It’s out now. I am downloading it for my 3DS. It’s nearly done. Probably’ll be finished inside of the next ten minutes or so.

    Anybody else buying it? We should exchange Friend Codes. Mine is 5043-1877-6294. Let me know your code if you add me so I can add you back.



    I have it, but haven’t played yet. I’m fucking terrible at Smash Bros. I’ll play with you anyway!


    It’s as good as Smash Bros always is. Do you think the lack of a proper story mode matters? I thought it would, but it’s just as fun as Brawl, possibly more so without having to worry about saving the game.

    The new characters seem to be there for the hell of it, though. Maybe a bit gimmicky having the villager and the like there. Have you played as any of the new ones? Kirby’s the only character I stand a chance of winning the game with and, being a boring person, I stick to what I’m okay with.

    I’d offer a friend code but it’s my sister’s DS.


    I’ve played as all the new ones at least once (well, the ones I’m not waiting to unlock) and Mega Man, unsurprisingly, is my favorite. Pacman, though…he’s pretty shockingly awesome. Little Mac is also really good if you’re skilled / lucky. If you’re neither of those things you don’t stand a chance, but if you are, it’s pretty thrilling to play as him.

    I was skeptical about the Wii Fit Trainer and the villager, and I certainly haven’t mastered either of them, but I’ve seen them do impressive things in matches. I doubt I’ll play as either of them very often, but I’m glad to have them in the roster, because it’s led to some interesting fights already.


    Does the gallery no longer say what game the trophies from..?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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